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Further hostilities on the part of the Corcyraeans; new preparations of the Corinthians.

Λευκίμμῃ: (not Λευκίμνῃ) the S. E. promontory of Corcyra, now Leukimo.

οὓς...αἰχμαλώτους : i.e. those taken in the sea-fight, as to whom no agreement had been made; not those taken in Epidamnus.

ἡσσημένοι: chiefly used in pf. of defeat sustained. Cf. c. 63. 2; v.73.7; vi.72.8; vii.40.5.

ἐκράτουν: the impf. denotes their continued superiority. Cf. iii.32.14; vii.57.34. The following aors. ἔτεμον, ἐνέπρησαν express the particular facts which ensued.

τῆς γῆς: part. gen., often with τέμνειν. Cf. ii.56.17; vi.75.8; 105. 18. G. 170, 1; H. 736; Kühn. 416, note 2. But the acc. often occurs also. Cf. c. 81. 12; ii.19.8; 20. 15; 57. 8; 73. 6; iii.26.15; 88. 12; and ii.56.11, τῆς γῆς τὴν πολλήν.

ἐπίνειον : in ii.84.33 again, of the Elean naval station at Cyllene.— ναῦς καὶ χρήματα: cf. c. 27. 15.

τε: and so. See on c. 4. 5.— τοῦ χρόνου τὸν πλεῖστον: see on c. 2. 12. The meaning of these words is doubtful. It is probable that they denote the remainder of the year available for war after the sea-fight, and that περιιόντι τῷ θέρει in 13 means when the first summer was drawing to a close. But some suppose that these expressions include besides the earlier portion of the succeeding summer. See App.

σφῶν: the pron. gen. thus placed has almost the effect of a dat. of interest. Cf. c. 35. 15; 71. 15; 82. 14; ii.27.9.

Χειμέριον: see on c. 46. 9.

ἀντεστρατοπεδεύοντο: after the verb in 14 a kind of epanaphora: see on c. 28. 8. Cf. c. 128. 1, 6.

τὸ θέρος τοῦτο: the summer succeeding the battle; and so the χειμών next spoken of is the first winter after the same event.

ἤδη: to be taken closely with χειμῶνος, when it was now winter. Cf. νυκτὸς ἤδη, iii.106.12; πρὸς τὸ ἔαρ ἤδη, v.17.7; ἡμέρας ἤδη, v.59.2; similarly, ἔτι νύκτα, ii.3.16; ἔτι ἐν τῇ εἰρήνῃ, iii.13.5. Cf. c. 103. 8.

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