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The Corinthians decide to withdraw without further fighting.

ἀναγαγόμεναι: see on c. 29. 18.

τὸν ἐν Συβότοις λιμένα: cf. ii.25.22; iv.25.22.

βουλόμενοι εἰδέναι: bracketed by Kr., occurs in v.21.13; vi.44.24; 62. 4. The synesis βουλόμενοι after αἱ νῆες is not more surprising than τὴν ὑπηρεσίαν πλείους καὶ ἀμείνους, c. 143. 7; τὴν ἡλικίαν ὧν, iii.67.11, etc. See App.

τὰς μὲν ναῦς...ἄρχειν : corresponds to 10, τοῦ δὲ οἴκαδε πλοῦ . . . διεσκόπουν. Their preparations seemed to show an intention of renewing the fight; but in fact they were thinking rather of returning home. ἄραντες, of putting to sea, only here with acc. obj. It is freq. abs., ii.25.15; 56. 16; 103. 1; iii.32.1; 91. 8; iv.11.4; 45. 1; v.3.26; vi.94.2; 104. 15; vii.26.2; 69. 27; viii.28.2; 32. 5; 88. 10; or with a dat., c. 29. 4; ii.23.9; iii.95.9; iv.129.11; vi.43.2; 51. 12; viii.60.10; 79. 4; 99. 14. Once, in viii.39.4, we find αἱ νῆες ἄρασαι ἔπλεον. In the same way, since μετεώρους, in the open sea, must have ναῦς supplied, παραταξάμενοι here only is used with acc.; abs. in c. 29. 18; iv.73.3; v.59.9; vii.3.3.

ἀκραιφνεῖς: see on c. 19. 8.—πολλὰ τὰ ἄπορα ξυμβεβηκότα: = τὰ ἄπορα ξυνεβεβήκει πολλὰ ὔντα; and these difficulties are explained by the clauses αἰχμαλώτων περὶ φυλακῆς and ἐπισκευὴν . . . ἐρήμῳ, which again depends on ὁρῶντες. With the former of these cf. σεισμῶν πέρι, c. 23. 12. περί so used almost means ‘that is to say,’ ‘for example.’ Cf. Plat. Rep. 425 c; 479 c.

ἐπισκευήν: opportunity for repairs.οὐκ οὖσαν: see on c. 2. 5.

τοῦ οἴκαδε πλοῦ: this gen. is placed proleptically before the dependent sentence, ὅπῃ κομισθήσονται, which, as containing an inquiry as to the manner of carrying out their design, stands to τοῦ πλοῦ as a part to the whole. Cf. c. 68. 7. Kühn. 417, note 9. So Cl. “The gen. at the head of a sentence is often used without strict dependence. Here τοῦ πλοῦ=τὸ τοῦ πλοῦ.” B. L. G. Cobet reads τὸν πλοῦν.

τὰς σπονδάς : τὰς τριακοντούτεις, c. 23. 19; 35. 1; 40. 11, 15. —οὐκ ἐῶσι: see on c. 28. 9.

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