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Potidaea, in concert with the Chalcidians and Bottiaeans, breaks off from Athenian control.

καί: and καί in 3 combine into one whole the two acts which are contrasted by μέν, δέ. Cf. the double καί in comparative sentences. Kühn. 524, 2.—εἴ πως πείσειαν: so ii.67.5. The apod. is not formulated but implied, and εἴ πως has nearly the effect of ὅπως in 3. GMT. 53, N. 2; H. 907. Cf. Kühn. Lat. Gr. II. 219, 2.

νεωτερίζειν: applied to any innovation in established order, specially to harsh and violent changes. Cf. ii.3.6; iv.51.3.

[ἔπρασσον]: see App.

ἢν δέῃ: after opt. GMT. 77, 2, N.; H. 933.—ἐκ πολλοῦ: temporal. Cf. c. 68. 17; ii.85.8; iv.67.12.

ηὕροντο: see on c. 31. 11.—ἐπιτήδειον: in neut. almost a subst., as in vi.41.12; vii.20.11. Cf. c. 29. 16, ἀπήγγειλαν οὐδὲν εἰρηναῖον.

αἱ νῆες : see App.

ὁμοίως: used not only with πάντες to denote ‘without exception,’ but with other antithetical expressions, stress being laid on the word to which ὁμοίως is annexed. Cf. c. 39. 4; 70. 25; iii.47.13 (in which places it stands with the former word); c. 141. 4. The ships were sailing against them as well as against Macedonia.—τὰ τέλη: see on c. 10. 30.— 8. ἢν ἴωσιν: subjv. after a past tense. GMT. 74, 1; H. 933.

τότε δή: see on c. 49. 30.

κατὰ τὸν καιρὸν τοῦτον: at such a favourable moment, when the Athenians were threatened on several sides. This expression is not, therefore, as Cobet says, a mere gloss of τότε δή. Cf. ii.84.21.

ἀνοικίσασθαι: cf. c. 7. 9.—ταύτην: obj., with μίαν πόλιν ἰσχυράν pred. Cf. c. 10. 11, and ii.15.14, ἠνάγκασε μιᾷ πόλει ταύτῃ χρῆσθαι.

τοῖς ἐκλιποῦσι : a repetition of the preceding ἐκλιπόντας, after the execution of the scheme, and therefore without obj.—τῆς...γῆς : part. gen. depending on the limitation implied in περὶ τὴν Βόλβην λίμνην.

Μυγδονίας : the eastern portion of Macedonia above Therma, separated by the Axius from Emathia. See ii.99.14.

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