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The loss of Plemmyrium is the the more grievous to the Athenians, since large quantities of naval stores and ship material, as well as three triremes which had been drawn up on land, fall into the hands of the enemy.

1. οὕτως ἐπεπράγεσαν: had fared thus, used esp., as here, of unfavourable events, if the contrary is not expressed. Cf. ii.4.33.

τροπαῖα ἔστησαν αὐτῶν: sc. τῶν ἁλόντων τειχῶν. Cf. c. 41. 12; 54. 1; ii.82.8; iv.12.8; vi.98.20. Kr. Spr. 47, 7, 3.

κατέβαλον: as in i.58.13; v.83.8.— τὰ δὲ δύο: see on c. 22. 6.

ἐπισκευάσαντες: cf. c. 1. 2; 38. 11; vi.104.20.

ἐν τῶν τειχῶν τῇ ἁλώσει: Thuc. and Hdt. are fond of inserting the gen. between a prep. and its case. Kr. Spr. 47, 9, 19. Cf. i.9.25; v.47.65; vi.34.57.

χρήματα: material of every sort. Cf. 9 below, wares, and c. 25. 7, military stores. For the facts, cf. Diod. xiii. 9; Plut. Nic. 20.—τὰ ξυμπάντα: all together. Kr. Spr. 50, 11, 13. Cf. c. 1. 31.—ὥσπερ: Cl. and St., for ὥστε of the Mss., which is nowhere used comparatively in Att. prose. ἅτε, which Bk. and Kr. write, would be admissible acc. to v.72.1; but ὥσπερ is more like the vulgate, and is supported also by the imitation of the passage in Jos. Antiquities, xviii. 9, ἐχρῶντο ὥσπερ ταμιείῳ ταῖσδε ταῖς πόλεσιν.

ταμιείῳ χρωμένων : in the same sense as vi.97.27, τοῖς τε σκεύεσι καὶ τοῖς χρήμασιν ἀποθήκη. For the facts, cf. c. 4. 25.

τῶν τριηράρχων: the art., added from Vat., because the trierarchs are a class belonging together, as opp. to ἔμποροι, who came together by chance.

ἐγκατελήφθη: sc. ἐν τοῖς τείχεσι. Cf. c. 30. 13; iv.116.4.

12. μέγιστον: cognate acc. with ἐκάκωσε. G. 159, N. 2; H. 716 b; Kr. Spr. 46, 5, 7. Cf. c. 44. 32; v.82.21, μέγιστον ὀφελήσειν; Xen. An. iii.1.38, μέγα ὀνῆσαι.

τε : Vat., for δέ, not correlative to καί, but resumptive, as in i.4.5; 67. 3.—ἐν τοῖς πρῶτον: see on c. 19. 19.

οὐδ᾽ ἔσπλοι: with Vat. for οὐδ᾽ οἱ ἔσπλοι, because the statement is general; but in 16 αἱ ἐσκομιδαί, because the context renders it definite.

τῆς ἐπαγωγῆς τῶν ἐπιτηδείων: abstract for the concrete = τῶν ἐπαγομένων ἐπιτηδείων. Cf. v.82.24.

διὰ μάχης: only by fighting.ἐς τἆλλα: favourite expression of Thuc. Cf. c. 7. 15; 77. 8; i.1.14; 6. 15; 36. 13.

παρέσχε: the subj. is τοῦ Πλημμυρίου λῆψις.

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