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of LAMPRAE, a village of Attica, a Peripatetic philosopher, who lived in the first century of the Christian aera. He was the instructor of Plutarch, who praises his great learning (Syump. 3.1), and introduces him discoursing on religion and sacred rites. (9.15.) Corsini endeavours to shew (in vita Plutarchi, p. 6), that Ammiionius of Lamprae is really the same person with Ammonius the Egyptian mentioned by Eunapius, and concludes that it was from this source Plutarch obtained the minute knowledge of Egyptian worship which he has shewn in his treatise on Isis and Osiris.

Ammonius of Lamprae is mentioned by Ammonius, the author of the work De Differentiis Verborum, under the word βωμὸς, as having written a treatise Περὶ Βωμῶν, or as the fuller title is given by Athenaeus, Περὶ Βωμῶν καὶ Θυσιῶν. (xi. p. 476f.) Whether the same Ammonius was the author of another work, Περὶ τῶν Ἀθηνῆσιν Ἑταιρίδων, mentioned by Athenaeus (xiii. p. 567a), is uncertain.


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