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13. C. ANTONIUS M. F. M. N., the second son of M. Antonius Creticus [No. 9], and the brother of the triumvir, was Julius Caesar's legate in 49, and city praetor in 44, when his elder brother was consul, and his younger tribune of the plebs. In the same year, he received the province of Macedonia, where, after an unsuccessful contest, he fell into the hands of M. Brutus in 43. Brutus kept him as a prisoner for some time, but put him to death at the beginning of 42, chiefly at the instigation of Hortensius, to revenge the murder of Cicero. (Orelli's Onomast. ; Drumann's Gesch. Roms, i. p. 523, &c.) The following coin of C. Antonius must have been struck after he had been appointed to the government of Macedonia with the title of proconsul. The female head is supposed to represent the genius of Macedonia; the cap on the head is the causia, which frequently appears on the Macedonian coins. (Dict. of Ant. s. v. Causia ; Eckhel. vol. vi. p. 41.)

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