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26. Of TYRE, a stoic philosopher, who lived in the reign of Ptolemy Auletes, is mentioned by Diogenes Laertius (7.1, 2, 24, and 28) as the author of a work on Zeno. Strabo (xvi. p.757) mentions a work of his which he calls πίναε τῶν ἀπὸ Ζήνωνος φιλοσόφων καὶ τῶν βιβλίων, and which appears to have been a short survey of the philosophers and their writings from the time of Zeno. Whether this Apollonius is the same as the one who wrote a work on female philosophers (Phot. Bibl. 161), or as the author of the chronological work (Χρονικά) of which Stephanus Byzantius (s. v. Χαλκητόριον) quotes the fourth book, cannot be decided.

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