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Aristode'mus (*)Aristo/dhmos), artists.


1. A painter, the father and instructor of Nicomachus [NICOMACHUS], flourished probably in the early part of the fourth century B. C. (Plin. Nat. 35.10. s. 36.)


2. A statuary, who lived after the time of Alexander the Great. Among other works of his Pliny (34.8. s. 19) mentions a statue of king Seleucus. To what country he belonged is uncertain.


3. A painter, a native of Caria, contemporary with Philostratus the elder, with whom he was connected by the ties of hospitality. He wrote a work giving an account of distinguished painters, of the cities in which painting had flourished most, and of the kings who had encouraged the art. (Philostr. Prooem. Icon.p.4, ed. Jacobs.)


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