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Ἀρυάνδης), a Persian, who was appointed by Cambyses governor of Egypt. During his administration Pheretime, the mother of Arcesilaus of Cyrene, is said to have come to Aryandes as a suppliant, and to have solicited his assistance in avenging the death of her son, who had been murdered at Barca, as she pretended, because he had been a friend of the Persians. Aryandes accordingly placed an army and a fleet at her command. Herodotus thinks that this whole affair was a mere pretext under which the Persian satrap concealed his desire of conquering Libya. After the conquest of Barca, some of the Persians wanted to take possession of Cyrene also, but before they came to any determination, Aryandes sent a messenger to call the troops back to Egypt. Dareius Hystaspis wished to perpetuate his own memory in a manner in which no king had yet done, and for this purpose he struck gold coins of the purest metal. Aryandes imitated the king by coining money of the purest silver; but Dareius, indignant at such presumption, had him put to death. (Hdt. 4.165-167, 200-203.)


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