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Ἀστυνόμη), the daughter of Chryses (whence she is also called Chryseis), a priest of Apollo. She was taken prisoner by Achilles in the Hypoplacian Thebe or in Lyrnessus, whither she had been sent by her father for protection, or, according to others, to attend the celebration of a festival of Artemis. In the distribution of the booty she was given to Agamemnon, who, however, was obliged to restore her to her father, to soothe the anger of Apollo. (Hom. Il. 1.378; Eustath. ad Hom. pp. 77, 118; Dictys Cret. 2.17.) There are two more mythical personages of this name, one a daughter of Niobe, and the other a daughter of Talaus and mother of Capaneus. (Hyg. Fab. 70.)


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