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Ἀγαθοσθένης), a Greek historian or philosopher of uncertain date, who is referred to by Tzetzes (ad Lycophr. 704, 1021. Chil. 7.645) as his authority in matters connected with geography. There is mention of a work of Agathosthenes called " Asiatica Carmina" ((Germanicus, in Arat. Phaen. 24), where Gale (Notae in Parthen. p. 125, &c.) wished to read the name Aglaosthenes; for Aglaosthenes or Aglosthenes, who is by some considered to be the same as Agathosthenes, wrote a work on the history of Naxos, of which nothing is extant, but which was much used by ancient writers. (Hygin. Poet. Astr. 2.16; Eratosth. Catast. 2.27; Pollux. 9.83; Athen. 3.78; Plin. Nat. 22.)


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