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(written Βακχύλλος, by Eusebius, but given with only one l by Jerome, Ruffinus, Sophronius, and Nicephorus), bishop of Corinth, flourished in the latter half of the second century, under Commodus and Severus.


On Easter

He is recorded by Eusebius and Jerome as having written on the question, so early and so long disputed, as to the proper time of keeping Easter. From the language of Eusebius, Valesius is disposed to infer that this was not a Synodical letter, but one which the author wrote in his own individual capacity. But Jerome says expressly, that Bacchylus wrote " de Pascha ex omnium qui in Achaia erant episcoporum persona." And in the ancient Greek Synodicon, published by Paphus at Strasburg in 1601, and inserted in both editions of Fabricius's Bibliotheca Graeca, not only is this council registered as having been held at Corinth by Bacchylides, archbishop of that place, and eighteen bishops with him, but the celebration of Easter is mentioned as the subject of their deliberations. (Fabric. Bibl. Graec. xii. p. 364.)

Certainty of identification

Notwithstanding the slight change of the name, and the designation of Bacchylides as archbishop of Corinth, there can be no reasonable doubt that he is the same with the bishop mentioned by Eusebius and Jerome.

Further Information

Euseb. Hist. Eccl. 5.22, 23 ; Jerome, de Viris Illustr. c. 44, and the note of E. S. Cyprian.


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