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1. A Greek historian and contemporary of Thucydides, whose work he completed--τὰ παραλειφθέντα ὑπ̓ αὐτοῦ συναγαγὼν γέγραφεν. (Dionys. Jud. de Thuc. 16.) The expression of Dionysius leads us to suppose that the work of Cratippus was not only a continuation of the unfinished history of Thucydides, but that he also gave an account ef everything that was omitted in the work of Thucydides. The period to which Cratippus appears to have carried his history, is pointed out by Plutarch (de Glor. Athen. 1) to have been the time of Conon. (Comp. Marcellin. Vit. Thuc. § 33; Plut. Vit. X Orat. p. 834.)

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