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Ἡγήτωρ), a surgeon, who probably lived at Alexandria at the end of the second or the beginning of the first century B. C., as he is apparently mentioned by Galen as a contemporary of several physicians who lived at Alexandria about that time. (De Dignosc. Puts. 4.3, vol. viii. p. 955.) He certainly lived before Apollonius Citiensis, by whom he is quoted, and one of his opinions controverted. (Dietz, Schol. in Hippocr. et Gal. vol. i. pp. 34, 35, 41.) He was one of the followers of Herophilus, and wrote a work entitled Περὶ αἰτιῶν, De Causis, of which nothing remains. This work has been attributed to Herophilus by Dr. Marx (De Heroph. Vita, &c. pp. 11, 58), who considers the word Ἡγήτωρ in Apollonius to be, not a proper name, but a sort of honorary title applied to Herophilus; but that both these suppositions are wrong has been pointed out by a writer in the Brit. and For. Med. Rev. vol. xv. pp. 109, 110.


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