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Ἰάμβη), a Thracian woman, daughter of Pan and Echo, and a slave of Metaneira, the wife of Hippothoon. Others call her a slave of Celeus. The extravagant hilarity displayed at the festivals of Demeter in Attica was traced to her; for it is said that, when Demeter, in her wanderings in search of her daughter, arrived in Attica, Iambe cheered the mournful goddess by her jokes, (Hom. Hymn. in Cer. 202; Apollod. 1.5.1; Diod. 5.4; Phot. Bibl. Cod. 239. p. 319, ed. Bekker; Schol. ad Nicand. Alexiph. 134.) She was believed to have given the name to Iambie poetry; for some said that she hung herself in consequence of the cutting speeches in which she had indulged, and others that she had cheered Demeter by a dance in the Iambic metre. (Eustath. ad Hom p. 1684.)


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