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17. HYDRUNTIS or IDRUNTIS EPISCOPUS, (ἐπίσκοπος Ἱδροῦντος), BISHOP of OTRANTO. Marcus of Otranto is supposed to have lived in the eighth century. Allatius says he was oeconomus or steward of the great church of Constantinople, before he became bishop, which seems to be all that is known of him.


He wrote Τῷ μεγάλω σαββάτῳ ἀκροστιχίς, Hymmus Acrostichus in Magnum Sabbatum, s. In Magno Sabbato Capita Versuum, which was published by Aldus Manutius, with a Latin version, in his edition of Prudentius and other early Christian poets, 4to., without mark of date or place; but judged to be Venice, 1501. The hymn is not in metre; the initial letters of the successive paragraphs are intended to make up the words καὶ σήμερον δέ, which are the opening words of the hymn; but as divided by Aldus, the acrostic is spoiled by the introduction of one or two superfluous letters. A Latin version of the hymn is given in several editions of the Bibliotheca Patrum.

Further Information

Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. xi. pp. 77, 677; Cave, Hist. Litt. ad ann. 750. vol. i. p. 630.

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