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Philippus MACEDO


Fabricius supposed him to have been a different person from Philip of Thessalonica (see below), and to have lived in the reign of Caligula, whose bridge at Puteoli has been thought to be referred to. But Jacobs (Animadvers. in loc.) considers the reference to be to the Portus Julius formed by Agrippa in Lake Lucrinus near Baiae, and places the Epigramma among those of Philip of Thessalonica.



An Epigramma in the Anthologia Graeca (lib. 4. c.11, vol. ii. p. 232, ed. Brunck, vol. ii. p. 216, No. lxxiv. ed. Jacobs) is ascribed by Fabricius to a Philippus Macedo, Philip the Macedonian.

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