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Πανοπεύς), a son of Phocus and Asteropaea, and brother of Crisus or Crissos, with whom he is said to have quarrelled even when yet in his mother's womb. He accompanied Amphitryon on his expedition against the Taphians or Teleboans, and took an oath by Athene and Ares not to embezzle any part of the booty. But he broke his oath, and as a punishment for it, his son Epeius became unwarlike. He is also mentioned among the Calydonian hunters. (Hom. Il. 23.665; Lycophr. 935, &c.; Apollod. 2.4.7 ; Paus. 2.29.4, 10.4.1; Ov. Met. 8.312 ; Schol. ad Eur. Orest. 33.)


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