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6. Of PRUSA. In the Acta Sanctorumof the Bollandists (Aprilis, vol. iii. Appendix, p. lxv.) is given from a MS. in the Medicean Library at Florence, a narrative entitled Μαρτύριον τοῦ ἁγίου ἱερομάρτυρος Πατρικίου Προύσης. A Latin version is given in the body of the volume (ad diem xxviii. p. 576). Patricius was arraigned before Julius, proconsul, it may be supposed of Bithynia, who, having experienced great benefit from certain warm springs sacred to Asclepias and Ilygeia, sent for him to urge upon him the proof which this circumstance afforded of the power of the gods. Patricius replied to the proconsul's argument by an exposition of the cause of warm springs, which he ascribed to subterranean fires destined to be hereafter the place of torment to the souls of the wicked; and appealed to the flames of Aetna as evidence of the existence of this fire. Patricius was beheaded bv the proconsul's order, onl the 19th of May, but inl what year or reign the record does not state. All that can be conjectured is that it was in one of the persecutions of the heathen emperors of Rome, and apparently before Diocletian fixed the seat of government at Nicomedeia. The defence of Patricius of Prusa is cited by Glycas (Annal. pars i. p. 17, ed. Paris, p. 13, ed. Venice, p. 34. ed. Bo1t1), and at greater length by Cedrenus (Compend. p. 242, ed. Paris, vol. i. p. 425, ed. Bonn); but there are many discrepancies between the citation of Cedrenus and the text (100.4, 5) given in the Acta Sanctorum. The Latin version friom the Acta Sanctorum is given in Ruilnrt's Acta Prim. Marlyr. p. 554, &c. (Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. x. p. 305; Cave, Hist. Litt. ad Ainn. 858 (sub nom. Patricils Ararsins), vol. ii. p. 51.)

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