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or VICTORI'NA, the name given by Trebellius Pollio to the mother of Victorinus, and with her he completes his catalogue of the thirty tyrants [see AUREOLUS], two more being thrown in as supernumeraries. According to this historian after the death of her son she was hailed as the mother of camps (Mater Castrorum); and coins were struck, bearing her effigy, in brass, silver, and gold. Feeling herself however unequal to the weight of empire, she transferred her power first to Marius, and then to Tetricus, by whom some say that she was slain, while others affirm that she died a natural death. Two medals have been described, one bearing the legend IMP. VICTORIA. AUG., the other IMP. VICTORINA AUG. ; but they seem to be unique and are open to suspicion. (Trebell. Poll. Trig. Tyrann. iv., vi., xxx., mentions both of the above names; Aurel. Vict. de Caes. xxxiii. the former only; comp. Eckhel, vol. vii. p. 454.)


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