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6. A son of the Trojan Antenor and Theano, the priestess of Athena. (Hom. Il. 11.59, 6.297.) He appears in the Iliad as one of the bravest among the Trojans, and is one of their leaders in the attack upon the fortifications of the Greeks. (4.467, 12.93, 14.425.) He even ventures to fight with Achilles, who is wounded by him. (21.570, &c.) Apollo rescued him in a cloud from the anger of Achilles, and then assumed himself the appearance of Agenor, by which means he drew Achilles away from the walls of Troy, and afforded to the fugitive Trojans a safe retreat to the city. (xxi. in fine.) According to Pausanias (10.27.1) Agenor was slain by Neoptolemus, and was represented by Polygnotus in the great painting in the Lesche of Delphi.

Some other mythical personages of this name occur in the following passages: Apollod. 2.1.5, 3.5.6; Hyg. Fab. 145.


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