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*Korw/bios), a purple-dyer of Itanus in Crete. When the Theraeans were seeking for some one to lead them to Libya, where the Delphic oracle had enjoined them to plant a colony, Corobius undertook to shew them the way. He I accordingly conducted a party of them to the island of Platea, off the Libyan coast, and there he was left by them with a supply of provisions, while they sailed back to Thera to report how matters stood. As they did not however return to Platea at the time appointed, Corobius was in danger of perishing from hunger, but was relieved by the crew of a Samian ship which had been driven to the island on its way to Egypt. (Hdt. 4.151, 152.) For the connexion of Crete with Therm, and of Samos with Cyrene, see Hdt. 4.154, 162-164.


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