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1. ARTABASDA (Ἁρταβάσδης), of Smyrna, of uncertain but late age, is called in a Vatican manuscript Ἀρταβάσδης, ἀριθμητικος καὶ γεωμέτρης Ῥαβδᾶ.


On the Art of Counting

He was the author of a work on the art of counting with the fingers (Ἔκφρασις τοῦ δακτυλικοῦ μέτρου).


This has been published by F. Morel, Paris, 1614; Possin. Catena Graec. Patrum in Marcum, p. 449, Rome, 1673, J. A. Fabric. Observ. in varia Loca Novi Testtam., p. 159, Hamb. 1712; and J. G. Schneider, Eclogae physicae, p. 477.

Further Information

Schöll, Geschichte der Griechischen Litteratur, vol. iii. pp. 345-347.

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