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11. Of MYRLEIA in Bithynia, or of Nicaea, a son of Diotimus. He was a pupil of Apollonius Rhodius, and lived about the time of Pompey the Great. Suidas places him nearly a century earlier, from which some modern critics have inferred, there must have been two Asclepiades of Myrleia, the one of whom was perhaps a son or grandson of the other. The younger taught grammar at Rome, and is supposed to be the same as the one who for some time resided in Spain as a teacher of grammar, and wrote a description of the tribes of Spain (περιήγησις τῶνἐθνῶν), to which Strabo occasionally refers. (iii. p. 157, &c.) Asclepiades of Myrleia is also mentioned as the author of several other works, of which, however, we possess only a few fragments. 1. On grammarians or grammars (περὶ γραμματικῶν, Suidas, s. v. Ὀρφεύς; Anonym. Vit. Arati; S. Empiric. ad v. Grammat. 47, 72, 252). 2. A work on the poet Cratinus (περὶ Κρατίνου, Athen. 11.501). 3. A work called περὶ Νεστοπίδος. (Athen. xi. pp. 477, 488, &c., 498, 503.) 4. An ὑπόμνημα τῆς Ὀδυσσείας. (Etym. M. s. v. Ἀρναῖος; Schol. ad Hom. Od. 10.2, 11.269, 321, 326, 12.69, ed. Buttmann.) 5. A work on the history of Bithynia (Βιθυνικά), which consisted of at least ten books. (Parthen. Erot. 35; Schol. ad Apollon. Rhod. 2.722, 791; Athen. 2.50.) He is usually believed to be the author of a history of Alexander the Great mentioned by Arrian. (Anab. 7.15; comp. Vossius, de Hist. Graec. pp. 97, 158, 161, 187, ed. Westermann; F. X. Werfer, Acta Philol. Monac. 3.4. p. 551, where the fragments of Asclepiades are collected.)

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