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Diodo'rus Zonas

Διόδωρος Ζωνᾶς) and DIODO'RUS the Younger, both of SARDIS, and of the same family, were rhetoricians and epigrammatists. The elder was distinguished in the Mithridatic war. Strabo (xiii. pp. 627. 628) says, that he engaged in many contests on behalf of Asia, and when Mithridates invaded that province, Zonas was accused of inciting the cities to revolt from him, but was acquitted in consequence of the defence which he made. Strabo adds, that the younger Diodorus, who was his own friend, composed historical writings, lyrics, and other poems, which were written in an antique style (τὴν ἀρχαίαν γραφὴν ἐμφαίνοντα ἱκανῶς). The epigrams of the Diodori, of which there are several, were included by Philip of Thessalonica in his collection, and they now form a part of the Greek Anthology. (Brunck, Anal. 2.80, 185; Jacobs, 2.67, 170.) There is considerable difficulty in assigning each of the epigrams to its proper author, and probably some of them belong to a third Diodorus, a grammarian of Tarsus, who is also mentioned by Strabo (xiv. p.675), and as it seems, by other ancient writers. (Jacobs, 13.883, 884 ; Fabric. Bibl. Graec. iv. pp. 380, 472, vi. pp. 363, 364.)


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