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*Dio/timos). Under this name there are several epigrams in the Greek Anthology (Brunck, Anal. 1.250; Jacobs, 1.183), which seem, however, to be the productions of different authors, for the first epigram is entitled Διοτίμου μιλησίου, and the eighth Διοτίμον Ἀθηναίου τοῦ Διοπείθους. This latter person would seem to be the same as the Athenian orator, Diotimus, who was one of the ten orators given up to Antipater. (Suid. s. u. Ἀντίπατρος; Pseudo-Plut. Vit. X Orat. p. 845a.) How many of the epigrams belong to this Diotimus, and to whom the rest ought to be assigned, is quite uncertain. Schneider refers them to the grammarian Diotimus, of Adramyttium. The epigrams under the name of Diotimus were included in the Garland of Meleager. (Jacobs, 13.888.)


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