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*Neopto/lemos), literary.

1. Of Paros, the most eminent literary person of this name. The following works are ascribed to him. 1. Περὶ Ἐπιγραμματῶν, probably a collection of epigrams. (Athen. 10.454f.; Jacobs, Anthol. vol. vi. p. xxxvi.) 2. Περὶ Γλωσσῶν, to the third book of which Athenaeus refers (xi. p. 476f.). It is probably to this work that Achilles Tatius refers, ἐν ταῖς Φρύγιαις φωναῖς. (Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. vi. p. 193.) 3. A Commentary on Homer. (Id. vol. i. p. 517.) 4. A Commentary on Theocritus, quoted in the Scholia on 1.52. (Id. vol. iii. pp. 781, 798.) 5. A Treatise on Poetry, to which Horace is said to have been indebted in his Ars Poetica. (Id. vol. vi. p. 373.)

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