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3. Of Abydus, an historian (ἱστορικός), lived in the time of Alexander the Great, and is stated to have been loved (παιδικά) by the philosopher Aristotle, for which Suidas quotes the authority of Philo, Περὶ παραδόξον ἱστορίας Theodorus of Ilium, Ἐν δευτέρῳ Τρωϊκῶν. Suidas gives the titles of the following works of Palaephatus: Kvurptaca', Δηλακά, Ἀττικά, Ἀραβικά. Some writers believe that this Palaephatus of Abydus is the author of the fragment on Assyrian history, which is preservedby Eusebius, and which is quoted by him as the work of Abydenus. There can, however, be little doubt that Abydenus is the name of the writer, and not an appellative taken from his native place. (Voss. de Hist. Graec. pp. 85, 375, ed. Westermann.) [ABYDENUS.]

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