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Σωσικράγης), literary.

1. A comic poet, whose time is unknown. Pollux quotes twice from his play entitled Παρακαταθήκη (Poll. 9.57, 4.173; in both passages the name is corrupted ; in the former into Ἱπποκράγης, in the latter into Κράγης; but in the latter passage a manuscript has Σωσικράγης). His Φιλάδελφοι also is cited by Athenaeus (xi. p. 474a.); and there are some other quotations from unknown plays of his. (Ath. i. p. 31e.; Stob. Flor. 23.2 ; Maxim. Conf. p. 198, Gesner.) From the titles of his plays, Meineke thinks it more probable that he belonged to the New Comedy than to the Middle. (Meineke, Frag. Coin. Graec. vol. i. pp. 498, 499, vol. iv. pp. 591, 592; Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. ii. p. 495.)

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