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8. A sophist and rhetorician, who was the instructor of Damascius in oratory. (Phot. Bibl. Cod. 181, p. 126b. 40, ed. Bekker.) He must therefore have flourished at the end of the fifth and the beginning of the sixth centuries of our era. Some particulars respecting him are preserved, from Damascius. by Photius (Phot. Bibl. 242, p. 339b. 7), and by Suidas (s. v.), who tells us that Theon was the descendant of S. Marcella, and the son and pupil of Ecdicius. The passage of Damascius, quoted by Photius, is to the effect that Theon was naturally somewhat obtuse, but so fond of learning and so laborious was he, that he acquired the most perfect knowledge of the ancient poets and orators, and the most thorough technical acquaintance with the art of both; but he was never able, though very desirous, to reduce his knowledge to practice, and to write either poems or orations. His only work known to Suidas was a Treatise on Rhetoric, τέχνη ῥητορική.

A list of some other persons of this name is given by Fabricius. (Bibl. Graec. vol. vi. pp. 98, 99).


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