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St., is said by C. B. Carpzovius (De Medicis ab Eccles. pro Sanctis habitis), who copies Bzovius (Nomenclator Sanctor. Professione Medicor.), to have been a physician, and a native of Otriculum (or Ocriculum), a city of central Italy, who was put to death with cruel torments in the reign of M. Aurelius Antoninus, and whose memory is celebrated on June 26. Both these writers quote as their authority for this statement, " Monimenta Ecclesiae Otriculanae in Sabinis." It seems probable that there is some error or confusion in this account, which the writer is not able at present to clear up quite satisfactorily. In the Menologium Graecum (vol. iii. p. 182) St. Sanctus (Σάγκτος) is called a native of Ravenna, and is said to have suffered martyrdom under M. Antoninus. His memory is celebrated on July 26, and he is not stated to have been a physician. In Ughelli, Italia Sacra (vol. x. p. 151), no mention is made of St. Sanctus, but St. Medicus is said to have been one of the patron saints of Ocriculum. And in the Acta Sanctorum no mention is made of St. Sanctus under June 26 or July 26; but St. Medicus, a native of Otriculum, but not a physician, whose history is not unlike that of St. Sanctus in Bzovius and the Menologium Graecum, is commemorated under the date of June 25.


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