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Presidential administrations.

The Presidents and leading cabinet officers, with the political complexion of both the executive and legislative departments of the national government, have been as follows:

1789-93: Washington; Adams, Vice-President, Federalist; Jefferson, State; Hamilton, Treasury; Knox, War; Edmund Randolph, Attorney-General. Congress, Federalist; Muhlenberg and Trumbull speakers.

1793-97: Washington and Adams again; Jefferson, then Randolph, State; Hamilton, then Wolcott, Treasury; other minor changes. Congress, 1793-95, Republican House; Muhlenberg, speaker; 1795-97, Dayton, speaker.

1797-1801: Adams, Federalist; Jefferson, Vice-President, Republican; Pickering, State; Wolcott, Treasury. Congress, Federalist; Dayton and Sedgwick, speakers.

1801-5: Jefferson; Burr, Vice-Presi- dent, Republican; Madison, State; Gallatin, Treasury. Congress, Republican; Macon, speaker.

1805-9: Jefferson; George Clinton, Vice-President, Republican; Madison, State; Gallatin, Treasury. Congress, Republican; Macon and Varnum, speakers.

1809-3; Madison; Clinton, Vice-President, Republican; Robert Smith, later Monroe, State; Gallatin, Treasury. Congress, Republican; Varnum and Clay, speakers.

1813-17: Madison; Gerry, Vice-President, Republican; Monroe, State, Gallatin, at first, Treasury. Congress, Republican; Clay, speaker.

1817-21: Monroe; Tompkins, Vice-President, Republican; J. Q. Adams, State; Crawford, Treasury; Calhoun (and others), War, Congress, Republican, Clay, speaker.

1821-25: Monroe; Tompkins, Vice-President; J. Q. Adams, State; Crawford, Treasury; Calhoun, War. Congress, Republican; P. P. Barbour and Clay, speakers.

1825-29: J. Q. Adams, National Republican; Calhoun, Vice-President, Democrat; Clay, State. Congress, 1825-27, National Republican; J. W. Taylor, speaker; 1827-29, Democratic; Stevenson, speaker.

1829-33: Jackson, Calhoun, Vice-President, Democrat; Van Buren, later Livingston, State. Congress, 1829-31, Democratic; Stevenson, speaker; 1831-33, Senate opposition, House Democratic; Stevenson, speaker.

1833-37; Jackson; Van Buren, Vice-President, Democrat; McLane, later Forsyth, State; Duane, Taney, Woodbury, Treasury. Congress, 1833-35, Senate opposition, House Democratic; Stevenson, speaker; 1835-37, Senate opposition, then Democratic, House Democratic; Polk, speaker.

1837-41: Van Buren; R. M. Johnson, Vice-President, Democrat; Forsyth, State; Woodbury, Treasury. Congress, Democratic; Polk and Hunter, speakers.

1841-45: W. H. Harrison; Tyler, Vice-President (succeeded as President April 4, 1841), Whig; Webster, afterwards Legare, Upshur, Calhoun, State; numerous changes in the other departments. Congress, 1841-43, Whig; White, [288] speaker; 1843-45, Senate Whig, House Democratic; J. W. Jones, speaker.

1845-49; Polk; Dallas, Vice-President, Democrat; Buchanan, State; Walker, Treasury; Marcy, War; Bancroft, at first, Navy. Congress, 1845-47, Democratic; J. W. Davis, speaker; 1847-49, Senate Democratic, House Whig; R. C. Winthrop, speaker.

1849-53: Taylor; Fillmore, Vice-President (succeeded as President July 9, 1850), Whig; Clayton, Webster, Everett, State; numerous changes in other departments. Congress, Democratic; Cobb and Boyd, speakers.

1853-57: Pierce; King, Vice-President, Democrat; Marcy, State; Davis, War. Congress, 1853-55, Democratic; Boyd, speaker; 1855-57, Senate Democratic, House Anti-Nebraska; Banks, speaker.

1857-61: Buchanan; Breckinridge, Vice-President, Democrat; Cass, State; Cobb, Treasury; Floyd, War; various changes in the cabinet in 1860 and 1861. Congress, 1857-59, Democratic; Orr, speaker; 1859-61, Senate Democratic, House, Republican; Pennington, speaker.

1861—65: Lincoln; Hamlin, Vice-President, Republican; Seward, State; Chase, later Fessenden, Treasury; Cameron, later Stanton, War; Welles, Navy. Congress, Republican; Grow, speaker, 1861-63; Colfax, 1863-65.

1865-69: Lincoln; Johnson, Vice-President (succeeded as President April 15, 1865), Republican; Seward, State; McCulloch, Treasury; Stanton, until 1867, War. Congress, Republican; Colfax, speaker.

1869-73: Grant; Colfax, Vice-President, Republican; Fish, State; Boutwell, Treasury. Congress, Republican; Blaine, speaker.

1873-77: Grant; Wilson, Vice-President, Republican; Fish, State; Bristow and others, Treasury. Congress, 1873-75, Republican; Blaine, speaker; 1875-77, Senate Republican, House Democratic; Kerr, later Randall, speaker.

1877-81: Hayes; Wheeler, Vice-President, Republican; Evarts, State; Sherman, Treasury. Congress, House Democratic; Randall, speaker; Senate, 1877-79, Republican; 1879-81, Democratic.

1881-85; Garfield; Arthur, Vice-Presi- dent (succeeded as President Sept. 19, 1881), Republican; Blaine, later Frelinghuysen, State; Windom and others, Treasury; Lincoln, War. Congress, 1881-83, Senate tie, House Republican; Keifer, speaker; 1883-85, Senate Republican, House Democratic; Carlisle, speaker.

1885-89: Cleveland; Hendricks, Vice-President, Democrat; Bayard, State; Manning, Fairchild, Treasury; Whitney, Navy. Congress, Senate Republican, House Democratic; Carlisle, speaker.

1889-93: Harrison; Morton, Vice-President, Republican; Blaine, State; Windom, at first, Treasury; Tracy, Navy. Congress, Senate Republican, House, 1889-91, Republican; Reed, speaker; 1891-93, Democratic; Crisp, speaker.

1893-97: Cleveland; Stevenson, Vice-President, Democrat; Gresham, then Olney, State; Carlisle, Treasury; Lamont, War; Olney, then Harmon, Attorney-General; Bissell, then Wilson, Postmaster-General; Herbert, Navy; Smith, Interior; Morton, Agriculture. Congress, Democratic; Crisp, speaker; 1895. House Republican; Reed, speaker.

1897-1901: McKinley; Hobart, Vice-President, Republican (died Nov. 2, 1899); Sherman, Day, and Hay, State; Gage, Treasury; Alger and Root, War; McKenna, Griggs, and Knox, Attorney-General; Gary and Smith, Postmaster-General; Long, Navy; Bliss and Hitchcock, Interior; Wilson, Agriculture. Congress, Republican; Reed and Henderson, speakers.

1901-1905: McKinley; Roosevelt, Vice-President (succeeded as President Sept. 14, 1901), Republican; Hay, State; Gage, Treasury; Root, War; Knox, Attorney-General; Smith, Postmaster-General; Long, Navy; Hitchcock, Interior; Wilson, Agriculture. Congress, Republican.

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John Quincy Adams (6)
Christopher C. Stevenson (5)
Thomas Jefferson (5)
Henry Clay (5)
John C. Calhoun (5)
James Wilson (4)
Robert Smith (4)
James Madison (4)
James G. Blaine (4)
Joseph Reed (3)
Leonidas Polk (3)
Abraham Lincoln (3)
James Knox (3)
Schuyler Colfax (3)
John G. Carlisle (3)
Levi Woodbury (2)
Roger Wolcott (2)
William Windom (2)
Noah Webster (2)
J. M. Varnum (2)
Minthorne Tompkins (2)
Edwin M. Stanton (2)
T. W. Sherman (2)
William H. Seward (2)
Flibu Root (2)
Edmund Randolph (2)
Frank B. Randall (2)
Jeremiah Olney (2)
Peter G. Muhlenberg (2)
Levi P. Morton (2)
William McKinley (2)
William L. Marcy (2)
Andrew Jackson (2)
House (2)
Phineas W. Hitchcock (2)
John Hay (2)
James Hamilton (2)
U. S. Grant (2)
Thomas Gage (2)
John Forsyth (2)
Hamilton Fish (2)
William L. Dayton (2)
Charles Frederick Crisp (2)
William H. Crawford (2)
Howell Cobb (2)
George Clinton (2)
Grover Cleveland (2)
James Buchanan (2)
James E. Boyd (2)
Robert Charles Winthrop (1)
Asa Whitney (1)
William White (1)
John H. Wheeler (1)
Gideon Welles (1)
Henderson Walker (1)
John H. Upshur (1)
E. B. Tyler (1)
John Trumbull (1)
De Tracy (1)
James Taylor (1)
J. W. Taylor (1)
Roger B. Taney (1)
Robert Sedgwick (1)
Theodore Roosevelt (1)
Frederick Clifton Pierce (1)
Timothy Pickering (1)
William Pennington (1)
John William Orr (1)
Louis McLane (1)
Joseph McKenna (1)
Oscar McCulloch (1)
John Manning (1)
William Livingston (1)
Hugh Swinton Legare (1)
Daniel Scott Lamont (1)
Preston King (1)
Joseph Kerr (1)
Joseph Warren Keifer (1)
John Jones (1)
Richard Mentor Johnson (1)
R. M. Johnson (1)
R. M. T. Hunter (1)
John Sloss Hobart (1)
Hilary Abner Herbert (1)
Thomas A. Hendricks (1)
John B. Henderson (1)
Rutherford B. Hayes (1)
William Henry Harrison (1)
W. H. Harrison (1)
Judson Harmon (1)
Hannibal Hamlin (1)
John W. Griggs (1)
W. Q. Gresham (1)
Elbridge Gerry (1)
James A. Gary (1)
James A. Garfield (1)
Fred'k T. Frelinghuysen (1)
Richard Floyd (1)
Millard Fillmore (1)
William Pitt Fessenden (1)
Charles S. Fairchild (1)
Edward Everett (1)
William M. Evarts (1)
James Duane (1)
John W. Davis (1)
J. W. Davis (1)
Powell Clayton (1)
William H. Chase (1)
Lewis Cass (1)
Simon Cameron (1)
Aaron Burr (1)
J. L. Bristow (1)
John C. Breckinridge (1)
George S. Boutwell (1)
Aaron T. Bliss (1)
William H. Bissell (1)
Nicholas Bayard (1)
Philip P. Barbour (1)
Nathaniel P. Banks (1)
George Bancroft (1)
Chester A. Arthur (1)
Russell A. Alger (1)
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