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Dugan, Michael

Name and rank.Command.Place of Death.Date of Death.
Dugan, Michael,15th Mass. Inf.,Andersonville, Ga.,---
Dunham, Amos J.,58th Mass. Inf.,Annapolis, Md.,Oct. 27, 1864.
Dunkow, J.,*1st Mass. Inf.,Richmond, Va.,Jan. 23, 1864.
Dunn, Arthur,39th Mass. Inf.,Belle Isle, Va.,Jan. 28, 1864.
Dunn, James,20th Mass. Inf.,Andersonville, Ga.,Oct. 22, 1864.
Dunn, John,2d Mass. H. A.,Andersonville, Ga.,Oct. 10, 1864.
Dunn, Peter,2d Mass. H. A.,Andersonville, Ga.,Aug. 1, 1864.
Dunton, Henry C.,25th Mass. Inf.,Richmond, Va.,July 31, 1864.
Dupp, E. E.,*58th Mass. Inf.,Annapolis, Md.,Oct. 18, 1864.
Durant, Charles,32d Mass. Inf.,Confederate Prison,Feb. 15, 1865.
Durgin, Jonathan,39th Mass. Inf.,Salisbury, N. C.,Jan. 5, 1865.
Dushelm, Leon,1st Mass. Cav.,Andersonville, Ga.,July 1, 1864.
Dwinnell (or Dunwall), Waldo,*21st Mass. Inf.,Andersonville, Ga.,Sept.--, 1864.
Dwyer, Daniel,18th Mass. Inf.,Savannah, Ga.,Sept. 18, 1864.
Dyer, Benjamin G. M.,2d Mass. H. A.,Andersonville, Ga.,July 27, 1864.
Eaff, N.,*56th Mass. Inf.,Andersonville, Ga.,Sept. 8, 1864.
Eagan, Matthew,12d Mass. H. A.,Florence, S. C.,Nov. 22, 1864.
Eagem, Charles M.,17th Mass. Inf.,Andersonville, Ga.,March 26, 1864.
Earle, George W., Sergt.,1st Mass. H. A.,Andersonville, Ga.,Sept. 13, 1864.
Eastey, George G.,1st Mass. H. A.,Andersonville, Ga.,Sept. 16, 1864.
Eastman, D.,*58th Mass. Inf.,Andersonville, Ga.,Sept. 8, 1864.
Eaton, Francis W.,15th Mass. Inf.,Andersonville, Ga.,Sept. 29, 1864.
Eaton, Ira F.,2d Mass. H. A.,Annapolis, Md.,Jan. 12, 1865.
Eccles, Roger,36th Mass. Inf.,Salisbury, N. C.,Jan. 9, 1865.
Eddy, Benjamin T.,22d Mass. Inf.,Mechanicsville, Va.,June 29, 1862.
Eddy, George C.,1st Mass. H. A.,Millen, Ga.,Oct.--, 1864.
Eden, Stephen,*50th or 56th Mass. Inf.,Florence, S. C.,Nov. 13, 1864.
Edes, William, Corp.,11th Mass. Inf.,Andersonville, Ga.,Aug. 30, 1864.
Edwards, Charles,19th Mass. Inf.,Andersonville, Ga.,Nov. 4, 1864.
Edwards, Charles F.,2d Mass. H. A.,Andersonville, Ga.,Aug. 21, 1864.
Edwards, Stanley,*37th Mass. Inf.,Florence, S. C.,Oct.--, —.
Edwards, Stanley W.,25th Mass. Inf.,Florence, S. C.,Feb. 9, 1865.
Edwards, Thomas W.,2d Mass. H. A.,Andersonville, Ga.,Aug.--, 1864.
Eibers, H.,19th Mass. Inf.,Andersonville, Ga.,Oct. 11, 1864.

1 Proved to have been discharged, June 19, 1865.

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