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Rockbridge's roll of honor. [from the Rockbridge county news, July, 1897.]

We publish the third instalment of Rockbridge's roll of honor—the companies from the county of Rockbridge who formed part of the Confederate army during the war, the lists of which are now being compiled by a committee of Stonewall Jackson Confederate Veterans—namely: Veterans J. P. Moore, J. Scott Moore, W. F. Johnston, and Mr. W. G. McDowell.

Rockbridge first Dragoons, Company C, first Virginia cavalry.

Compiled by J. Scott Moore.)

This company was organized at Fancy Hill, May 12, 1859. I.. C. Davidson was elected captain. It was composed of men from every section of the county, and the flower of the young manhood of Rockbridge. It had stated meetings monthly for drill, and became perfect in the simple cavalry tactics of that time. In the fall of 1859, Captain L. C. Davidson was made colonel of the 8th regiment of Virginia militia, which necessitated his resignation as commander of the Dragoons, and the company was reorganized by the election of Mathew X. White as captain; John S. Cummings, first lieutenant; C. F. Jordan, second lieutenant; James E. Poague, third liuetenant. Lieutenant Poague resigned in 1860 to attend the medical school of the University of Virginia, and C. R. Burks was elected to fill the vacancy. Thus officered, the company was mustered into service at Harper's Ferry. They left Lexington, April 18, 1861. Captain White resigned in 1861, and Lieutenant Jordan was elected captain, and was the commanding officer to the close of the war. [378]

Upon entering the service the company was assigned to the 1st Virginia cavalry, and became company C. This regiment was commanded by Colonel Fitzhugh Lee (afterwards General), and was the pride of the cavalry arm of the service in the Army of Northern Virginia, and in every conflict with the enemy sustained their enviable reputation as hard fighters.

The following is a list of the dead and living who at any time during the war served in the company.


CaptainsMatthew X. White and Charles F. Jordan.

LieutenantsJohn S. Cummings, C. R. Burks, Charles J. Cameron, L. C. Davidson, and John W. Moore.

SergeantsJames P. Goul, W. D. McCorkle, John W. Moore,

Samuel C. Mackey, James M. Lackey, William B. Poindexter, and S. F. Patterson.

CorporalsCharles Q. Michie, D. H. Ford, R. K. Estill, N. H. Lackey, James Compton, Isaac Bare, John M. Dunlap, and Robert Barton.


William H. Adair, John McD. Alexander, Cornelius Armentrout, Henry Armentrout, Henry Arnold, John Armentrout, Samuel Agnor, Harry Arnold, William Barger, John P. Bowlin, William Bowlin, Elihu H. Barclay, Adam Bare, George Bare, E. P. Buckner, William Brockenbrough, George H. Cameron, J. H. Cameron, William Campbell, Daniel Crigler, Norborne Chandler, S. T. Chandler, Robert Cooper, Frank Cummings, Givens B. Davidson, Robert G. Davidson, William Davidson, George D. Dixon, John J. Dixon, S. K. Dunlap, John Davidson, George Williams Effinger, Adolphus Elhart, James S. Figgat, Charles M. Figgat, John A. Fisher, Robert K. Floyd, Samuel B. Fuller, Robert Ford, John Gilbert, Ezekiel Gilbert, Andrew Glover, Samuel Goul, S. McD. Gold, E. L. Graham, D. R. B. Greenlee, James S. Greenlee, Marshall Greenlee, William Wood Greenlee, Lucian P. Grigsby, John W. Gold, A. J. Gilmore, James Gold, Augustus Hanger, John G. Hamilton, W. W. Hamilton, G. Boyd Harlan, Hunter Harlan, Silas Harlan, J. Scott Harlan, Wilkie H. Harlan, James F. Harris, William P. Hartigan, James R. Hanger, Michael Hanger, John Hill, John Holden, Samuel M. Holden, Calvin M. Harper, Thomas Holden, Thomas C. Johnston, W. J. Johnston, J. Montgomery Johnston, Frank Jordan, [379] John J. Jordan, Jeremiah Kelly, Joseph Kelly, Isaac Caruthers Lackey, James T. Lackey, N. H. Lackey, D. E. Laird, John Ewig Laird, Henry Ruffner Laird, Samuel McKee Laird, Abe Lavelle, Robert Sharp Leake, A. C. Lam, Alfred Leyburn, Jacob Lincoln, Philander Mackey. A. J. Martin, W. P. Martin, W. H. Marks, Samuel R. Moore, Harry E. Moore, Richard L. Moore, Thomas Montgomery, John Montgomery, A. S. Montgomery, J. G. Montgomery, Henry H. Myers, John D. Myers, R. Culton Morrison, Robert H. Morrison, Henry Ruffner Morrison, George Martin, J. McD. McClung, W. H. McFaddin, H. C. McFaddin, Dennis Mc-Gravy, Thomas McGovern, James M. McNutt, W. P. McCorkle, W. T. Meade, Jacqueline S. Morgan, Benjamin Miller, R. McD. McCown, John H. McClintic, Hezekiah Nicely, John McK. Parry, John A. Patton, James E. Poague, James W. Poague, Oliver B. Powers, Charles Pulse, Jacob Pulse, Levi Pulse, Zebulon Rader, Jacob N. Rhodes, John W. Robertson, Iverson S. Root, James W. Ruff, John A. Ruff, Andrew Robinson, William H. Sale, Jacob A. Supinger, Samuel J. Shafer, Robert Supinger, Charles Schindel, William C. St. Clair, T. Lackey Scott, Peachy R. Taliaferro, James Turpin, Nash Turpin, W. W. Tribbett, William H. Taylor, A. A. Thompson, A. S. Trevey, Cyrus A. Trevey, David A. Trevey, Adam Unroe, John Van Lear, Thomas S. White, Robert K. Wilson, Samuel A. Wilson, Samuel L. Wilson, Joseph Wilson, John W. Wright, David H. Witt, Jacob H. Wilmore, William James Wash, John West, William Luckess Welch and John W. Zollman.

KilledJohn M. Dunlap, at Gettysburg; William H. Adair, at Gettysburg; Ezekiel Gilbert, at Cannon's farm, near Richmond; James W. Ruff, at Columbia Furnace in 1863; James S. Figgat, near Mt. Jackson in 1864; A. S. Trevey, at Yellow Tavern in 1864; Thomas McGovern, in 1864; Peachy Taliaferro, at Haw's Shop in 1864; William Barger, at Appomattox Courthouse in 1865; John P. Bowlin, at Gettysburg.

Died during the War—James Gold, in 1861; John Armentrout, in 1862; Philander Mackey; Nash Turpin, in hospital at Richmond in 1862; Samuel Goul and John Goul, near Louisa Courthouse in 1862; Zebulon Rader, in 1862; John Hill, in 1862; William James Wash, at Charlottesville in 1862.

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James E. Poague (3)
Mathew X. White (2)
Nash Turpin (2)
A. S. Trevey (2)
James W. Ruff (2)
Zebulon Rader (2)
John W. Moore (2)
J. Scott Moore (2)
Thomas McGovern (2)
John McD (2)
Philander Mackey (2)
N. H. Lackey (2)
Charles F. Jordan (2)
Samuel Goul (2)
Ezekiel Gilbert (2)
James S. Figgat (2)
John M. Dunlap (2)
L. C. Davidson (2)
John S. Cummings (2)
C. R. Burks (2)
John P. Bowlin (2)
William Barger (2)
John Armentrout (2)
William H. Adair (2)
John W. Zollman (1)
John W. Wright (1)
David H. Witt (1)
Samuel L. Wilson (1)
Samuel A. Wilson (1)
Robert K. Wilson (1)
Joseph Wilson (1)
Jacob H. Wilmore (1)
Thomas S. White (1)
Matthew X. White (1)
John West (1)
William Luckess Welch (1)
Adam Unroe (1)
James Turpin (1)
W. W. Tribbett (1)
David A. Trevey (1)
Cyrus A. Trevey (1)
A. A. Thompson (1)
William H. Taylor (1)
Peachy R. Taliaferro (1)
Peachy Taliaferro (1)
Robert Supinger (1)
Jacob A. Supinger (1)
Clair.William C. St. Clair (1)
Samuel J. Shafer (1)
T. Lackey Scott (1)
Charles Schindel (1)
William H. Sale (1)
John A. Ruff (1)
Iverson S. Root (1)
Andrew Robinson (1)
John W. Robertson (1)
Jacob N. Rhodes (1)
Oliver B. Powers (1)
William B. Poindexter (1)
James W. Poague (1)
John A. Patton (1)
S. F. Patterson (1)
Parry (1)
John D. Myers (1)
Henry H. Myers (1)
Robert H. Morrison (1)
R. Culton Morrison (1)
Henry Ruffner Morrison (1)
Jacqueline S. Morgan (1)
Veterans J. P. Moore (1)
Samuel R. Moore (1)
Richard L. Moore (1)
Harry E. Moore (1)
Thomas Montgomery (1)
John Montgomery (1)
J. G. Montgomery (1)
A. S. Montgomery (1)
Benjamin Miller (1)
Charles Q. Michie (1)
W. T. Meade (1)
James M. McNutt (1)
John McK (1)
W. H. McFaddin (1)
H. C. McFaddin (1)
W. G. McDowell (1)
S. McD (1)
R. McD (1)
Alexander McCown (1)
W. P. McCorkle (1)
W. D. McCorkle (1)
McClung (1)
John H. McClintic (1)
Dennis Mc-Gravy (1)
W. P. Martin (1)
George Martin (1)
A. J. Martin (1)
W. H. Marks (1)
Samuel C. Mackey (1)
Jacob Lincoln (1)
Alfred Leyburn (1)
Fitzhugh Lee (1)
John Lear (1)
Leake (1)
Abe Lavelle (1)
A. C. Lam (1)
Samuel McKee Laird (1)
John Ewig Laird (1)
Henry Ruffner Laird (1)
D. E. Laird (1)
James T. Lackey (1)
James M. Lackey (1)
Isaac Caruthers Lackey (1)
Joseph Kelly (1)
Jeremiah Kelly (1)
John J. Jordan (1)
Frank Jordan (1)
C. F. Jordan (1)
W. J. Johnston (1)
W. F. Johnston (1)
Thomas C. Johnston (1)
J. Montgomery Johnston (1)
Thomas Holden (1)
Samuel M. Holden (1)
John Holden (1)
William P. Hartigan (1)
James F. Harris (1)
Calvin M. Harper (1)
Wilkie H. Harlan (1)
Silas Harlan (1)
J. Scott Harlan (1)
Hunter Harlan (1)
G. Boyd Harlan (1)
Michael Hanger (1)
James R. Hanger (1)
Augustus Hanger (1)
W. W. Hamilton (1)
John G. Hamilton (1)
Lucian P. Grigsby (1)
William Wood Greenlee (1)
Marshall Greenlee (1)
James S. Greenlee (1)
D. R. B. Greenlee (1)
E. L. Graham (1)
John Goul (1)
James P. Goul (1)
John W. Gold (1)
Andrew Glover (1)
A. J. Gilmore (1)
John Gilbert (1)
Samuel B. Fuller (1)
D. H. Ford (1)
Robert K. Floyd (1)
John A. Fisher (1)
Charles M. Figgat (1)
R. K. Estill (1)
Adolphus Elhart (1)
George Williams Effinger (1)
S. K. Dunlap (1)
John J. Dixon (1)
George D. Dixon (1)
William Davidson (1)
Robert G. Davidson (1)
John Davidson (1)
Givens B. Davidson (1)
C. Davidson (1)
Frank Cummings (1)
Daniel Crigler (1)
Robert Cooper (1)
James Compton (1)
S. T. Chandler (1)
Norborne Chandler (1)
Cannon (1)
William Campbell (1)
J. H. Cameron (1)
George H. Cameron (1)
Charles J. Cameron (1)
E. P. Buckner (1)
William Brockenbrough (1)
William Bowlin (1)
Robert Barton (1)
Elihu H. Barclay (1)
Henry Arnold (1)
Harry Arnold (1)
Henry Armentrout (1)
Cornelius Armentrout (1)
E. P. Alexander (1)
Samuel Agnor (1)
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