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Company H, Thirteenth Va. Cavalry. [from the Richmond, Va., Dispatch, January 11, 1898.]

Its Roster from April 22, 1862, to April 9, 1865.

With the killed, wounded, captured and Promoted—a summary.

Lumberton, Sussex Co., Va., January 3, 1898.
To the Editor of the Dispatch:
You having kindly published in your issue of September 21st (Confederate column), a roll of the Sussex Light Dragoons, I now send by request of several veterans of company ‘H,’ 13th Virginia cavalry, a list of those who continued to join us of the Sussex Light Dragoons, from the reorganization of the company, April 22, 1862, to the surrender at Appomattox, April 9, 1865.

None of the following names appear on the roster of the original troop except those of some of the officers who served through the war.

William N. Blow, Captain Company H, 13th Virginia Cavalry.


Captain, W. N. Blow; first lieutenant, H. Q. Moyler; second lieutenant, Samuel Birdsong; second lieutenant, P. H. Thorp; first sergeant, T. A. Dillard; first sergeant, W. L. Adkins.

SergeantsJ. L. Chappell, W. H. Dillard, A. T. Dobie, J. D. Adkins, C. T. Thornton.

CorporalsJ. H. Dobie, R. P. Bendall, J. L. White, A. F. Harrison, F. L. Velines, J. A. Barker, Joseph H. Chappell, Sr.


T. W. Adkins, P. G. Anthony,——Alston, J. S. Bendall, O. P. Bendall, W. P. Bendall, J. R. Bendall, T. A. Barham, W. N. Bell, G. W. Blow,——Brock, W. D. Chappel, G. B. Chappel, W. E. Chappel, J. H. Chappel, Jr., W. B. Chambliss, W. E. Dillard, S. J. Drewry, R. A. Dobie, J. W. Dobie, C. S. Ellis, W. H. Finch, W. G. Freeman, J. P. Freeman, T. B. Foster, W. E. Glover, William [381] Grigg, F. Grigg, J. K. Gwaltney, L. P. Hargrave, William Harrison, P. H. Holt, L. M. Heath, W. F. Hunt, W. J. Hunnicutt, W. P. Hunnicutt, Joseph A. Hunnicutt, J. L. Horn, John B. Jarratt, A. Jones, J. F. Jordan, J. A. Jelks, T. W. Jelks, E. S. James,—— Johnson, L. S. King, J. R. Little, R. S. Lewis, St. George T. Mason, A. M. Maclin, J. McGlemore, C. McCourt, A. Norris, John R. Norris,——Neblett, S, Potts, P. W. H. Parsons, W. H. Pennington, Roger A. Pryor, A. B. Parker, E. B. Robinson, J. W. Saunders, J. D. Spain, C. W. Spratley, W. W. Spratley, J. C. Smith, George Seaborn, W. E. Thornton, P. Vellines, Joseph H. Walters, J. L. Williamson.


James McGlemore, Chickahominy river, June, 1862.

Sidney Potts, died in hospital, 1862.

William G. Freeman, Blackwater river, October, 1862.

W. H. H. Parker, Middleburg, June, 1863.

C. W. Spratley, Brandy Station, October, 1863.

J. R. Morris, Upperville, June, 1863.

Richard Parker, Upperville, June, 1863.

J. Lewis Williamson, wounded Spotsylvania Courthouse, and died May, 1864.

George Blow Walker, Ashland, June, 1864.

J. L. Jordan, died in hospital, 1864.

Richard Grigg, died at home, 1864.

Thomas W. Adkins, Dinwiddie Courthouse, March, 1865.

I. Bendall, Dinwiddie Courthouse, March, 1865.

Francis Grigg, Dinwiddie Courthouse, March, 1865.

Joseph A. Jelks, Dinwiddie Courthouse, March, 1865.

Jesse Little, Dinwiddie Courthouse, March, 1865.

R. S. Lewis, Dinwiddie Courthouse, March, 1865.

George Seaborn, Dinwiddie Courthouse, March, 1865.

J. A. Hunnicutt, Dinwiddie Courthouse, March, 1865.

W. C. Newsome, died on retreat, Dinwiddie Courthouse, March, 1865.

J. D. Spain, died of wounds, Dinwiddie Courthouse, March, 1865.


T. S. Morgan, wounded at Blackwater, October, 1862; discharged.

R. R. Bain, George W. Blow, John W. Cox, The. A. Field, William Harrison (discharged), E. T. Thornton, wounded at Spotsylvania Courthouse, May, 1863. [382]

Joseph H. Chappel, wounded at Beverley Ford, March, 1863; captured.

Andrew Briggs, wounded at Upperville, June, 1863. Peyton G. Anthony, wounded at Gettysburg, July, 1863. Peter H. Thorp, lieutenant, wounded at Gettysburg, July, 1863.

George W. Gilliam, Joseph W. Parker (discharged), wounded at Middleburg, June, 1863.

A. Sidney Birdsong, W. E. Chappel, Waverly Fitzhugh, J. T. Freeman, F. D. Neblett (discharged), Wm. Thornton (discharged), wounded at Dinwiddie Courthouse, March, 1863.

Robert J. Gwaltney (captured), L. P. Hargrave (captured), St. George T. Mason, wounded at Hanover, Penn.; B. L. Hargrave, wounded at Hanover Courthouse; R. M. Dobie (captured), wounded at Five Forks, April, 1865.

John R. West, R. H. Harrison, T. C. Dillard, wounded at Nansemond, 1861; all discharged.

Henry Jones, wounded at Brandy Station, November, 1863. Hugh B. Walker, wounded at Reams' Station, August, 1864.


Benjamin W. Belsches, promoted to major of the regiment.

William N. Blow, promoted to captain of the company.

H. Q. Moyler, promoted to first lieutenant of the company.

S. J. Birdsong, promoted to second lieutenant of the company.

P. H. Thorp, promoted to second lieutenant of the company.

R. P. Harrison, promoted to lieutenant and adjutant of the company.

H. B. Walker, promoted to lieutenant and quartermaster of the company.

Joseph H. Walters, promoted to captain and quartermaster.

W. B. Chambliss, promoted to lieutenant on brigade staff.

G. S. Rives, promoted to first lieutenant Company K.

J. E. Moyler, promoted to assistant surgeon Confederate States navy.

P. G. Anthony, promoted to lieutenant in North Carolina company.

Theodore A. Barham, promoted to lieutenant-colonel North Carolina regiment.

Samuel T. Drewry, promoted to captain of infantry company:

W. E. Dillard, promoted to captain of infantry company.

P. F. Weaver, promoted to sergeant-major of regiment. [383]

Charles McCourt, promoted to sergeant-major, then detailed as blockade runner.


Johnson, detailed as general scout.

Roger A. Pryor, general scout.

W. E. Chappel and A. H. Ellis, couriers at cavalry headquarters.

L. L. Johnson and A. C. Winston; W. H. Pennington and R. W.

H. Parsons, detailed for civil service.

O. H. Baird, detailed for medical department.

F. J. Ellis, detailed ambulance corps.

W. E. Glover and P. Velines, quartermaster's department.

W. W. Belle, commissary department. ***

The original company numbered105
Recruits added during the war73
Total number on roll78
Killed, and died in hospital21
Transferred for promotion12
Permanent details13
Did not re-enlist6
Discharged for disability and captured21
Strength of Company H, 13th Virginia cavalry, at the surrender, April 9, 186557

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William N. Blow (3)
Peyton G. Anthony (3)
J. Lewis Williamson (2)
Joseph H. Walters (2)
C. W. Spratley (2)
J. D. Spain (2)
George Seaborn (2)
Roger A. Pryor (2)
Sidney Potts (2)
W. H. Pennington (2)
H. Q. Moyler (2)
James McGlemore (2)
Charles McCourt (2)
St. George T. Mason (2)
R. S. Lewis (2)
Bradley T. Johnson (2)
Joseph A. Jelks (2)
Joseph A. Hunnicutt (2)
William Harrison (2)
L. P. Hargrave (2)
Francis Grigg (2)
W. E. Glover (2)
William G. Freeman (2)
W. E. Dillard (2)
Joseph H. Chappel (2)
W. B. Chambliss (2)
George W. Blow (2)
Theodore A. Barham (2)
Thomas W. Adkins (2)
A. C. Winston (1)
J. L. White (1)
John R. West (1)
P. F. Weaver (1)
P. Vellines (1)
P. Velines (1)
F. L. Velines (1)
William Thornton (1)
W. E. Thornton (1)
E. T. Thornton (1)
C. T. Thornton (1)
W. W. Spratley (1)
J. C. Smith (1)
J. W. Saunders (1)
E. B. Robinson (1)
G. S. Rives (1)
P. W. H. Parsons (1)
H. Parsons (1)
W. H. H. Parker (1)
Richard Parker (1)
Joseph W. Parker (1)
A. B. Parker (1)
John R. Norris (1)
A. Norris (1)
W. C. Newsome (1)
F. D. Neblett (1)
Nansemond (1)
J. E. Moyler (1)
J. R. Morris (1)
T. S. Morgan (1)
A. M. Maclin (1)
J. R. Little (1)
L. S. King (1)
J. L. Jordan (1)
J. F. Jordan (1)
Henry Jones (1)
A. Jones (1)
L. L. Johnson (1)
T. W. Jelks (1)
John B. Jarratt (1)
E. S. James (1)
W. F. Hunt (1)
W. P. Hunnicutt (1)
W. J. Hunnicutt (1)
J. L. Horn (1)
P. H. Holt (1)
L. M. Heath (1)
R. P. Harrison (1)
R. H. Harrison (1)
A. F. Harrison (1)
B. L. Hargrave (1)
Robert J. Gwaltney (1)
J. K. Gwaltney (1)
Richard Grigg (1)
F. Grigg (1)
George W. Gilliam (1)
J. T. Freeman (1)
J. P. Freeman (1)
T. B. Foster (1)
Waverly Fitzhugh (1)
W. H. Finch (1)
A. Field (1)
F. J. Ellis (1)
C. S. Ellis (1)
A. H. Ellis (1)
Samuel T. Drewry (1)
S. J. Drewry (1)
R. M. Dobie (1)
R. A. Dobie (1)
J. W. Dobie (1)
J. H. Dobie (1)
A. T. Dobie (1)
W. H. Dillard (1)
T. C. Dillard (1)
T. A. Dillard (1)
John W. Cox (1)
Joseph H. Chappell (1)
J. L. Chappell (1)
W. D. Chappel (1)
G. B. Chappel (1)
Andrew Briggs (1)
Samuel Birdsong (1)
S. J. Birdsong (1)
A. Sidney Birdsong (1)
W. P. Bendall (1)
R. P. Bendall (1)
O. P. Bendall (1)
J. S. Bendall (1)
J. R. Bendall (1)
I. Bendall (1)
Benjamin W. Belsches (1)
W. W. Belle (1)
W. N. Bell (1)
J. A. Barker (1)
O. H. Baird (1)
R. R. Bain (1)
William L. Adkins (1)
J. D. Adkins (1)
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