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List of Virginia chaplains, Army of Northern Virginia.

First Army Corps.

Lieutenant-General Longstreet, Pickett's Division.

Steuart's Brigade—Ninth Regiment, J. W. Walkup and G. W. Easter; Thirty-eighth Regiment, R. W. Cridlin and Rev. Mr. Cosby; Fifty-third Regiment, W. S. Penick, P. H. Fontaine and Rev. Mr. Colton; Fifty-seventh Regiment, J. E. Joyner; Fourteenth Regiment, Rev. Mr. Crocker; Twenty-fourth Regiment, W. F. Gardner.

Hunter's Brigade—Eighth Regiment, T. A. Ware and George W. Harris; Eighteenth Regiment, J. D. Blackwell, Nineteenth Regiment, P. Slaughter; Twenty-eighth Regiment, Rev. Mr. Tinsley; Fifty-sixth Regiment, Rev. Mr. Robbins.

W. R. Terry's Brigade—First Regiment, Rev. Mr. Oldrick; Third Regiment, Rev. Mr. Hammond and J. D. Ward; Seventh Regiment, John H. Bocock, F. McCarthy and Rev. Mr. Frayser; Eleventh Regiment, John C. Granberry and Thomas C. Jennings.

Corse's Brigade—Fifteenth Regiment, P. F. August; Seventeenth Regiment, John L. Johnson and R. M. Baker; Thirtieth Regiment, W. R. D. Moncure; Thirty-second Regiment; Thirty-ninth Regiment, Rev. Mr. Phillippi.

Missionary chaplains in the corps—Rev. Dr. Theoderick Pryor, Rev. Dr. J. C. Granberry, Rev. Harvie Hatcher, Rev. Dr. A. B. Woodfin.

Second Army Corps.

Lieutenant-Generals T. J. Jackson, R. S. Ewell, J. A. Early and Major-General John B. Gordon.

Missionary chaplains at large—Rev. Dr. B. T. Lacy, Rev. Dr. L. Rosser and Rev. E. J. Willis.

Gordon's Division: Chaplains of William Terry's Brigade [314] (composed of remnants of Stonewall, J. M. Jones's and Stuart's Virginia Brigades)—Sixty—first Georgia Regiment, A. B. Woodfin, of Virginia; Second Regiment, A. C. Hopkins; Fifth Regiment, E. Payson Walton and C. S. M. Lee Fourth Regiment, F. C. Tebbs and William R. McNeer; Twenty-seventh Regiment, L. C. Vass; Thirty-third Regiment, J. M. Grandin; Tenth Regiment, J. P. Hyde, S. S. Lambeth and Rev. Mr. Balthis; Thirty-seventh Regiment, Forty-fourth Regiment, Richard I. McIlwaine and James Nelson; Twenty-fifth Regiment, George B. Taylor and John W. Jones; Twenty-first Regiment, I Harvie Gilmore; Forty-second Regiment, Thomas Williams; Forty-eighth Regiment, George E. Booker; Fiftieth Regiment, J. W. Denny.

Pegram's Division, Pegram's (old) Brigade—Thirteenth Regiment, J. William Jones and William S. Ryland; Fiftysecond Regiment, John Magill; Forty-ninth Regiment, J. Powell Garland; Fifty-eighth Regiment, George Slaughter and L. B. Madison; Thirty-first Regiment, A. D. Lepps.

Artillery, Second Corps; Colonel Thomas H. CarterCutshaw's Battalion, Rev. Mr. Page; Nelson's Battalion, T. Walker Gilmer; Braxton's Battalion, Rev. A. B. Brown and James Nelson; Hardaway's Battalion, T. M. Niven and Henry M. White.

Third Army Corps.

Lieutenant-General A. P. Hill.

Missionary chaplains at large—Rev. Dr. George D. Armstrong and Rev. J. William Jones.

Heth's Division, Archer's (old) Brigade and Walker's (old) Brigade-Fortieth Regiment, George F. Bagby and J. M. Anderson; Forty-seventh Regiment, S. P. Meredith and S. B. Barber; Fiftieth Regiment, R. B. Beadles.

Mahone's Division, Weisiger's Brigade—Twelfth Regiment, S. V. Hoyle; Sixth Regiment, Sixteenth Regiment; Sixty-first Regiment, Hilary E. Hatcher; Forty-first Regiment, John H. Pugh.

Artillery, Third Corps, General WalkerPegram's Battalion, Rev. Mr. Rodman; Poague's Battalion, James Wheary.


Fourth Corps.

General R. H. Anderson.

B. R. Johnson's Division, Wise's Brigade—Thirty-fourth Regiment, W. H. Robert; Twenty-sixth Regiment, W. E. Wiatt; Fifty-ninth Regiment, L. B. Wharton; Forty-sixth Regiment, W. Gaines Miller.

Post chaplains at PetersburgRev. T. Hume, Jr., Rev. W. M. Young, Rev. J. B. Hardwicke, Rev. T. Hume, Sr., Rev. L. C. Vass and the pastors of the several churches and a number of visiting ministers, missionaries and colporteurs rendered invaluable service..

Post chaplains at Richmond—Those, so far as I can obtain the list, were Rev. Dr. James B. Taylor, Sr., Rev. Robert Ryland, D. D., Rev. William Harrison Williams, Rev. Dr. W. W. Bennett, Rev. J. E. Martin and Rev. J. T. Carpenter.

The pastors of Richmond were practically chaplains all through the war and were untiring in their self-sacrificing labors. I recall the following:

Rev. Dr. J. L. Burrows, of the First Baptist Church; Rev. Dr. J. B. Jeter, of Grace Street Baptist Church; Rev. Dr. D. Shaver and Rev. Dr. L. W. Seeley, of the Second Baptist Church; Rev. Dr. J. B. Solomon, of Leigh Street Baptist Church; Rev. Dr. M. D. Hoge, of the Second Presbyterian Church; Rev. Dr. C. H. Read, of Grace Street Presbyterian Church; Rev. Dr. J. A. Duncan, Rev. Dr. D. S. Doggett and Rev. Dr. J. E. Doggett, of the Methodist churches, and of the Episcopal churches, Rev. Dr. Charles Minnigerode, of St. Paul's; Rev. Dr. Geo. W. Woodbridge, of the Monumental; Rev. Dr. Joshua Peterkin, of St. James; and Rev. Dr. T. G. Dashiell, of St. Mark's; Rev. William J. Hoge, Tabb Street Church, Petersburg.

Among other post chaplains in the State who did efficient service, I recall the names of the Rev. Dr. George B. Taylor, at Staunton; Rev. J. C. Hiden, at the University of Virginia; Rev. Dr. W. F. Broaddus, at Charlottesville; Rev. Dr. J. L. Johnson, at Lynchburg; Rev. George W. Hyde, at Huguenot Springs; Rev. D. B. Ewing, at Gordonsville; Rev. A. D. McVeigh, at Farmville, Va., and the Rev. C. C. Chaplin, at Danville.

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J. W. Pegram (3)
James Nelson (3)
John William Jones (3)
A. B. Woodfin (2)
C. W. Walker (2)
L. C. Vass (2)
George B. Taylor (2)
John L. Johnson (2)
Tom Hume (2)
John C. Granberry (2)
John B. Gordon (2)
W. M. Young (1)
George W. Woodbridge (1)
O. Jennings Wise (1)
E. J. Willis (1)
William Harrison Williams (1)
Thomas Williams (1)
W. E. Wiatt (1)
Henry M. White (1)
James Wheary (1)
L. B. Wharton (1)
Weisiger (1)
T. A. Ware (1)
J. D. Ward (1)
E. Payson Walton (1)
J. W. Walkup (1)
B. T. Tinsley (1)
William Terry (1)
W. R. Terry (1)
F. C. Tebbs (1)
James B. Taylor (1)
Stuart (1)
George H. Steuart (1)
J. B. Solomon (1)
P. Slaughter (1)
George Slaughter (1)
D. Shaver (1)
L. W. Seeley (1)
William S. Ryland (1)
Robert Ryland (1)
L. Rosser (1)
Rodman (1)
W. H. Robert (1)
Robbins (1)
C. H. Read (1)
John H. Pugh (1)
Theoderick Pryor (1)
Poague (1)
George E. Pickett (1)
Phillippi (1)
Joshua Peterkin (1)
W. S. Penick (1)
Willie H. Page (1)
Oldrick (1)
T. M. Niven (1)
W. R. D. Moncure (1)
Charles Minnigerode (1)
W. Gaines Miller (1)
S. P. Meredith (1)
A. D. McVeigh (1)
William R. McNeer (1)
Richard I. McIlwaine (1)
F. Mccarthy (1)
J. E. Martin (1)
William Mahone (1)
John Magill (1)
L. B. Madison (1)
Longstreet (1)
A. D. Lepps (1)
C. S. M. Lee (1)
S. S. Lambeth (1)
B. T. Lacy (1)
J. E. Joyner (1)
William E. Jones (1)
B. R. Johnson (1)
J. B. Jeter (1)
Thomas C. Jennings (1)
Thomas Jonathan Jackson (1)
J. P. Hyde (1)
George W. Hyde (1)
R. M. T. Hunter (1)
S. V. Hoyle (1)
A. C. Hopkins (1)
William J. Hoge (1)
M. D. Hoge (1)
A. P. Hill (1)
J. C. Hiden (1)
Heth (1)
Hilary E. Hatcher (1)
Harvie Hatcher (1)
George W. Harris (1)
J. B. Hardwicke (1)
Hardaway (1)
Hammond (1)
J. M. Grandin (1)
Harvie Gilmore (1)
T. Walker Gilmer (1)
J. Powell Garland (1)
W. F. Gardner (1)
Frayser (1)
P. H. Fontaine (1)
D. B. Ewing (1)
R. S. Ewell (1)
G. W. Easter (1)
Jubal A. Early (1)
J. A. Duncan (1)
J. E. Doggett (1)
D. S. Doggett (1)
J. W. Denny (1)
T. G. Dashiell (1)
Cutshaw (1)
James F. Crocker (1)
R. W. Cridlin (1)
Cosby (1)
Corse (1)
Colton (1)
C. C. Chaplin (1)
Thomas H. Carter (1)
J. T. Carpenter (1)
J. L. Burrows (1)
A. B. Brown (1)
W. F. Broaddus (1)
Braxton (1)
George E. Booker (1)
John H. Bocock (1)
J. D. Blackwell (1)
W. W. Bennett (1)
R. B. Beadles (1)
S. B. Barber (1)
Balthis (1)
R. M. Baker (1)
George F. Bagby (1)
P. F. August (1)
George D. Armstrong (1)
Archibald W. Archer (1)
R. H. Anderson (1)
J. M. Anderson (1)
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