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Appendix to Vol. III.

Detailed statements of the situations, to facilitate a proper understanding of Vol. III.

The battle of Chancellorsville.

for the first time we are enabled to give herewith complete and official details of the situations, together with statements of the effective forces of both armies, for which we are indebted to the courtesy of the Secretary of War, and especially to General Townsend. In these details will be found the designation not only of brigades, but also of each regiment. As the mention in full of the States to which these regiments belonged would occupy considerable space, we have adopted the official abbreviations, the key to which we append here:

North Carolina,N. C.
South Carolina,S. C.
New Hampshire,N. H.
New Jersey,N. J.
New York,N. Y.
Rhode Island,R. I.

U. S., abbreviation for United States, designates those bodies of trooops that were raised directly by the Federal government.

The statements of effective forces are a summary of those furnished monthly by the general staff to the Departments at Washington and Richmond, which contain thousands of figures. It will be seen from [830] this what was the condition of the two armies. Fortunately, both parties continued to employ the forms adopted in the old army of the United States, which render comparisons easy.

Federal army of the Potomac.1 (April 30, 1863.)

Commander-in-Chief, Major-General J. Hooker.

Chief of Staff, Brigadier-general D. Butterfield.

First army corps, Major-general John Reynolds.

1st division, Brig.-gen. Wadsworth.

1st brigade, Col. Phelps—22d, 23d, 24th, 84th N. Y.

2d Brigade, Brig.-gen. Cutler—7th Ind., 76th, 95th, 147th N. Y., 56th Pa.

3d Brigade, Brig.-gen. Paul—22d, 29th, 30th, 31st N. J., 137th Pa.

4th Brigade, Brig.-gen. Meredith—19th Ind., 24th Mich., 6th, 7th Wis.

Artillery—1st N. H. (Bat. H), 1st N. Y. (Bat. L), 4th U. S. Art. (Bat. B).

2d division, Brig.-gen. Robinson.

1st brigade, Col. Root—16th Me., 94th, 104th N. Y., 107th Pa.

2d Brigade, Brig.-gen. Baxter—12th Mass., 26th N. Y., 90th, 136th Pa.

3d Brigade, Col. Leonard—13th Mass., 83d, 97th N. Y., 18th, 88th Pa.

Artillery—2d, 6th Bats. Me., Pa. Bat., 5th U. S. Art. (Bat. C).

3d division, Maj.-gen. Doubleday.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Rowley—121st, 135th, 142d, 151st Pa.

2d Brigade, Col. Roy Stone—143d, 149th, 150th Pa.

Artillery—1st Pa. Art. (Bats. B, G, I).

Second army corps, Major-general Couch.

1st division, Maj.-gen. Hancock.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Caldwell—5th N. H., 61st N. Y., 81st, 148th Pa. [831]

2d brigade, Brig.-gen. Meagher—28th Mass., 63d, 69th, 88th N. Y., 116th Pa.

3d Brigade, Brig.-gen. Zook—52d, 57th, 66th N. Y., 140th Pa.

4th Brigade, Col. Brooke—27th Conn., 2d Del., 64th N. Y., 53d, 145th Pa.

Artillery—1st N. Y. Art. (Bat. B), 4th U. S. Art. (Bat. C).

2d division, Brig.-gen. Gibbon.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Sully—19th Me., 15th Mass., 1st Minn., 34th, 82d N. Y.

2d Brigade, Brig.-gen. Owen—69th, 71st, 72d, 108th Pa.

3d Brigade, Col. Hall—19th, 20th Mass., 7th Mich., 51st, 59th N. Y., 127th Pa.

Detached—Col. Andrews—Sharpshooters.

Artillery—1st R. I. Light Art. (Bats. B, H).

3d division, Maj.-gen. French.

1st brigade, Col. Carroll—14th Ind., 24th, 28th N. J., 4th, 8th O., 7th Va.

2d Brigade, Brig.-gen. Hays—14th Conn., 12th N. J., 108th N. Y., 130th Pa.

3d Brigade, Brig.-gen. Max Weber—1st Del., 4th, 10th N. Y., Battalion 132d Pa.

Artillery—1st N. Y. Art. (Bat. G), 1st R. I. Art. (Bat. G).

Third army corps, Major-general Sickles.

1st division, Brig.-gen. Birney.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Graham—57th, 63d, 68th, 105th, 114th, 141st Pa.

2d Brigade, Brig.-gen. Ward—20th Ind., 3d, 4th Me., 38th, 40th N. Y., 99th Pa.

3d Brigade, Col. Hayman—17th Me., 3d, 5th Mich., 1st, 37th N. Y.

Artillery—1st N. J. Art. (Bat. B), 1st R. I. Art. (Bat. E), 3d U. S. Art. (Bats. F, K).

2d division, Maj.-gen. Berry.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Carr—1st, 11th, 16th Mass., 11th N. J., 26th Pa.

2d Brigade, Brig.-gen. Revere—70th, 71st, 72d, 73d, 74th, 120th N. Y. [832]

3d brigade, Brig.-gen. Mott—5th, 6th, 7th, 8th N. J., 2d N. Y., 115th Pa.

Artillery—1st N. Y. Art. (Bat. D), 4th N. Y. Art. (Bat. Indep.),

1st U. S. Art. (Bat. H), 4th U. S. Art. (Bat. K).

3d division, Brig.-gen. Whipple.

1st brigade, Col. Franklin—86th, 124th N. Y., 122d Pa.

2d Brigade, Col. Bowman—12th N. H., 84th, 110th Pa.

3d Brigade, Col. Berdan—1st and 2d U. S. Sharpshooters.

Artillery—10th N. Y. Art., Indep., 11th N. Y. Art., Indep., 1st O.

Art. (Bat. H).

Fifth army corps, Major-general Meade.

1st division, Brig.-gen. Griffin.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Barnes—2d Me., 18th, 22d Mass., 1st Mich., 13th, 25th N. Y., 118th Pa.

2d Brigade, Col. McQuade—9th, 32d Mass., 4th Mich., 14th N. Y., 62d Pa.

3d Brigade, Col. Stockton—20th Me., 16th Mich., 12th, 17th, 44th N. Y., 83d Pa.

Artillery—Mass. Art. (Bats. C, E), R. I. Art. (Bat. C), 5th U. S. Art. (Bat. D).

2d division, Maj.-gen. Sykes.

1st brigade (regulars), Brig.-gen. Ayres—3d, 4th, 12th, 14th U. S. Inf.

2d Brigade, (regulars), Col. Burbank—2d, 6th, 7th, 11th, 17th U. S. Inf.

3d brigade, Col. O'Rorke—5th, 140th, 146th N. Y.

Artillery—1st O. Art. (Bat. L), 5th U. S. Art. (Bat. I).

3d division, Brig.-gen. Humphreys.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Tyler—91st, 126th, 129th, 134th Pa.

2d brigade, Col. Allabach—123d, 131st, 133d, 155th Pa.

Artillery—1st N. Y. Art. (Bat. C), 1st U. S. Art. (Bat. E).

Sixth army corps, Major-general Sedgwick.

1st division, Brig.-gen. Brooks.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Torbert—1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 15th, 23d N. J. [833]

2d brigade, Brig.-gen. Bartlett—5th Me., 16th, 27th, 121st N. Y., 96th Pa.

3d brigade, Brig.-gen. Russell, 18th, 32d N. Y., 49th, 95th, 119th Pa.

Artillery—1st Md. Art. (Bat. A), 1st Mass. Art. (Bat. A), 1st N. J. Art. (Bat. A), 2d U. S. Art. (Bat. D).

2d division, Brig.-gen. Howe.

1st brigade, Col. Grant—26th N. J., 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th Vt.

2d brigade, Brig.-gen. Hall—7th Me., 21st N. J., 20th, 33d, 49th, 77th N. Y.

Artillery—1st N. J. Art., Indep., 5th U. S. Art. (Bat. F).

3d division, Maj.-gen. Newton.

1st brigade, Col. Shaler—65th, 67th, 122d N. Y., 23d, 82d Pa.

2d brigade, Col. Browne—7th, 10th, 37th Mass., 36th N. Y., 2d R. I.

3d brigade, Brig.-gen. Wheaton—62d N. Y.

Artillery—1st Pa. Art. (Bat. C), 2d U. S. Art. (Bat. G).

Light brigade, Brig.-gen. Pratt—6th Me., 31st, 43d N. Y., 61st Pa., 5th Wis., 3d N. Y. Batt.

Eleventh army corps, Major-general Howard.

1st division, Brig.-gen. Devens.

1st brigade—41st, 45th, 54th N. Y., 153d Pa.

2d brigade,—17th Conn., 25th, 55th, 75th, 107th O.

Artillery—13th N. Y. Bat.

2d division, Brig.-gen. Von Steinwehr.

1st brigade—29th, 154th N. Y., 27th, 73d Pa.

2d brigade,—33d Mass., 134th, 136th N. Y., 73d O.

Artillery—1st N. Y. Art. (Bat. I).

3d division, Maj.-gen. Carl Schurz.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Schimmelpfennig—82d Ill., 68th, 157th N. Y., 61st O., 74th Pa.

2d brigade,—58th, 119th N. Y., 82d O., 75th Pa., 26th Wis.

Artillery—1st O. Art. (Bat. I).

Corps Artillery, Lieut.-col. Schirmer—2d N. H. Art. (Bat. Indep.), 1st O. Art. (Bat. K), 1st Va. Art. (Bat. C).

Corps Cavalry—Cos. A and B 1st Ind. Cav.


Twelfth army corps, Major-general Slocum.

1st division, Brig.-gen. Williams.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Knipe—5th Conn., 10th Me., 28th N. Y., 46th, 128th Pa.

2d brigade, Col. Ross—20th Conn., 3d Md., 123d, 145th N. Y.

3d brigade, Brig.-gen. Ruger, 27th Ind., 2d Mass., 13th N. J., 107th N. Y., 3d Wis.

Artillery—1st N. Y. Art. (Bats. K, M), 4th U. S. Art. (Bat. F).

2d division, Brig.-gen. Geary.

1st brigade, Col. Candy—5th, 7th, 29th, 66th O., 28th, 147th Pa.

2d brigade, Brig.-gen. Kane—29th, 109th, 111th, 124th, 125th Pa.

3d brigade, Brig.-gen. Greene—60th, 78th, 102d, 137th, 149th N. Y.

Artillery—Hampton's Bat., Knap's Pa. Bat.

Cavalry corps, Major-general Stoneman.

1st division, Brig.-gen. Pleasonton.

1st brigade, Col. Davis—8th Ill., 3d Ind., 8th, 9th N. Y.

2d brigade, Col. Devin—1st Ind., 1st Mich., 6th N. Y., 8th, 17th Pa.

2d division, Col. Duffie.

1st brigade, Col. Sargent—1st Mass., 4th N. Y., 6th O., 1st R. I.

2d brigade, Col. Irvin Gregg—3d, 4th, 16th Pa.

3d division, Brig.-gen. D. M. Gregg.

1st brigade, Col. Kilpatrick—1st Me., 2d, 10th N. Y.

2d brigade, Col. Wyndham—12th Ill., 1st Md., 1st N. J., 1st Pa.

Regular brigade, Brig.-gen. Buford—6th Pa., 1st, 2d, 5th, 6th U. S. Cav.

Regular brigade of mounted artillery, Capt. Robertson—6th N. Y. (Bat., Indep.), 2d U. S. Art. (Bats. B, L, M), 5th U. S. Art. (Bat. E).

Reserve Artillery, Captain Graham—1st Conn. Art., foot (Bats. B, M), 32d Mass. (inf. Co. C); 5th, 15th, 29th, 30th, 31st, 32d independent N. Y. batteries; 1st U. S. Art. (Bat. K), 2d U. S. Art. (Bat. A), 3d U. S. Art. (Bat. C), 4th U. S. Art. (Bat. G), 5th U. S. Art. (Bat. K).

Engineer brigade, Brig.-gen. Benham—15th, 50th N. Y., Battalion of U. S. engineers.


Confederate army of Northern Virginia. (May 1st, 1863.)

Commander-in-Chief, General Robert E. Lee.

General staff.

Chief of Staff, Brigadier-general Chilton.

Chief Quartermaster, Lieut.-colonel Corley.

Commissary—in—Chief, Lieut.-colonel Cole.

Chief of Ordnance, Lieut.-colonel Baldwin.

Assistant Adjutant—General, Lieut.-colonel Murray.

Chief of Engineers, Lieut.-colonel Smith.

Military Secretary, Colonel Long.

First army corps.

In the absence of Lieutenant-general Longstreet with Hood's, Pickett's, and Ransom's divisions, the remainder of the corps is under the immediate control of the general-in-chief.

1st division, Maj.-gen. Anderson.

1st brigade, Brig.-general Mahone—6th, 12th, 16th, 41st, 66th Va., Grandy's Battery.

2d brigade, Brig.-gen. Perry—2d, 5th, 8th Fla.

3d brigade, Brig.-gen. Wilcox—8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 14th Ala., Lewis' Battery.

4th brigade, Brig.-gen. Posey—12th, 16th, 19th, 48th Miss.

5th brigade, Brig.-gen. Wright—3d, 22d, 48th, 2d Bat. Ga.

5th division, Maj.-gen. McLaws.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Wofford—16th, 18th, 21st Ga., Phillips' and Cobb's Legions.

2d brigade, Brig.-gen. Kershaw—2d, 3d, 7th, 15th S. C., James' Battery.

3d brigade, Brig.-gen. Barksdale—13th, 17th, 18th, 21st Miss.

4th brigade, Brig.-gen. Semmes—10th, 50th, 51st, 53d Ga., Cable's Artillery.


Second army corps, Lieutenant-general T. J. Jackson.

1st division, Maj.-gen. A. P. Hill.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Heth—40th, 47th, 51st, 22d Batt. Va.

2d brigade, Brig.-gen. McGowan—1st, 12th, 13th, 14th S. C., Orr's Rifles.

3d brigade, Brig.-gen. Thomas—14th, 31st, 41st, 49th Ga.

4th brigade, Brig.-gen. Lane—17th, 18th, 28th, 33d, 37th N. C.

5th brigade, Brig.-gen. Archer—1st, 7th, 14th Tenn., 5th, 13th Batt. Ala.

6th brigade, Brig.-gen. Pender—13th, 16th, 22d, 34th, 38th N. C

2d division, Brig.-gen. Rodes (temporarily).

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Rodes—3d, 5th, 6th, 12th, 26th N. C.

2d brigade, Brig.-gen. Colquitt—6th, 19th, 23d, 27th, 28th Ga.

3d brigade, Brig.-gen. Doles—4th, 12th, 21st, 44th Ga.

4th brigade, Brig.-gen. Ramseur—2d, 4th, 13th, 14th N. C.

5th brigade, Brig.-gen. Iverson—5th, 12th, 20th, 21st N. C.

3d division, Brig.-gen. Early.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Hays—5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th La.

2d brigade, Brig.-gen. Gordon—13th, 26th, 31st, 38th, 60th, 61st Ga.

3d brigade, Brig.-gen. Hoke—6th, 21st, 24th, 57th, 1st Batt. N. C.

4th brigade, Brig.-gen. Smith—13th, 49th, 52d, 58th Va.

4th division, Brig.-gen. Trimble.

1st brigade, Brig.-gen. Colston—10th, 23d, 37th Va., 1st, 3d N. C.

2d brigade, Brig.-gen. Paxton, 2d, 4th, 5th, 27th, 33d Va.

3d brigade, Brig.-gen. Nicholls—1st, 2d, 10th, 14th, 15th La.

4th brigade, Brig.-gen. Jones—21st, 42d, 44th, 48th, 50th Va., Engineer Sappers.

Second corps Artillery.

Reserve artillery, Brig.-gen. Pendleton-Washington Artillery, Alexander's Artillery.

Cavalry division.

Major-general J. E. B. Stuart.

Brigade of Brig.-gen. W. H. F. Lee.

Brigade of Fitzhugh Lee.

Brigade of Hampton.

Brigade of Jones (on the Shenandoah).


Effective force of the army of the Potomac before and after the battle of Chancellorsville.

date.Present for duty.Present.Absent.Total.Cannon.
April 30, 1863
Staff and troops at head quarters3, 7744485 2, 1166,601
Artillery reserve1,6101,7762161,992
First corps17,13019,5956,86226,457
Second corps16,83619,0519,31328,364
Third corps 18,98620,7956,86227,657
Fifth corps15,92018, 2926,87625,168
Sixth corps23,73026,4966,56433,060
Eleventh corps13,53915,4124,358 19,770
Twelfth corps18,45514,8954,79319,688
Cavalry corps12,77817,1934,84522,038
May 10, 1863
Staff and troops at general Headquarters3,8814,4391,4995,938
Artillery reserve1,7331,8722292,101
First corps16,28918,5547,12625,680
Second corps14,54316,8348,55725,391
Third corps14,38916,2318,76524,996
Fifth corps14,30416,3716,37722,748
Sixth corps18,55420,4409,13829,578
Eleventh corps11,28212,8264,58517,411
Twelfth corps10,69911,9445,48617,430
Cavalry corps18,39817,1934,84522,038

Comparative details of those present and absent in the two preceding Tables.

dates.Present for duty.Sick.On special duty.In arrest.Absent on detached service.On leave of absence.Without leave.Absent sick.
April 30.138,7586,32312,48080919,6962,3271,70424,911
May 10.118,8225,44611,69849819,1452,0873,25932,316

The special duty comprises posts and detachments of every description, most of the men being able to join the ranks again on the day of battle. The reader will observe, by comparing the two statements, an increase in the number of absentees without authority after a great battle, such absentees being nearly all within the lines, and not in the [838] hands of the enemy. The increase of men absent sick is owing to the admission into the hospitals of those who had been wounded at Chancellors-ville. The diminution in the total effective force is due somewhat to the number of killed, but especially to the disbanding of regiments whose term of service had expired.

Effective force of the army of Northern Virginia before the battle.

We have not been able to procure an account of the effective force of this army up to a date as near the battle as for the Army of the Potomac: we subjoin that of March 31, 1863, whose figures do not differ materially from those of the following month:

date.Present for duty.Present.Absent.Total.
March 31, 1863.
First corps, Anderson's division8,2329,9604,45914,419
McLaws' division 8,56710,0953,64613,741
A. P. Hill's division1135913,6145,79719,411
Second corps, D. H. Hill's division9, 63211,4184,28515,703
Early's division8,2349,9394,53114,470
Trimble's division6,2298,0954,38312,478
Cavalry, Stuart69668,4533,82212,275
In the Valley of Virginia3,4023,7961,0674,863
Detached artillery and small corps1,7411,9724882,460

Cannon, 96.

Present for duty.sick.On special duty.In arrest. Absent on detached service.On leave of absenceWithout leave.Absent sick.

The statements subsequent to the battle having been prepared after Longstreet's return with the largest portion of his corps, all comparison with the above is out of the question: one of these statements will be found in the latter part of this volume, on the occasion of the battle of Gettysburg.


The Vicksburg campaign.

Federal army of the Tennessee.

(June, 1863).

Commander-in-chief, Major-General U. S. Grant.

Thirteenth army corps, Major-general McClernand.

9th division, Brig.-gen. Osterhaus. Brigade, Garrard.

9th division, Brig.-gen. Osterhaus. Brigade, Sheldon.

10th division, Brig.-gen. A. J. Smith. Brigade, Burbridge.

10th division, Brig.-gen. A. J. Smith. Brigade, Landram.

12th division, Brig.-gen. Hovey. Brigade, McGinnis.

12th division, Brig.-gen. Hovey. Brigade, Slack.

13th division, Brig.-gen. Carr. Brigade, Lawler.

13th division, Brig.-gen. Carr. Brigade, Benton.

Fifteenth army corps, Major-general W. T. Sherman.

5th division, Brig.-gen. Blair. Brigade, Giles A. Smith.

5th division, Brig.-gen. Blair. Brigade, T. Kilby Smith.

5th division, Brig.-gen. Blair. Brigade, Ewing.

8th division, Brig.-gen. Tuttle. Brigade, Mower.

8th division, Brig.-gen. Tuttle. Brigade, Buckland.

8th division, Brig.-gen. Tuttle. Brigade, John E. Smith.

11th division, Brig.-gen. Steele. Brigade, Woods.

11th division, Brig.-gen. Steele. Brigade, Manter.

11th division, Brig.-gen. Steele. Brigade, Thayer.

Sixteenth army corps, Major-general Hurlbut.

1st division, Brig.-gen. W. S. Smith.

2d division, Brig.-gen. Kimball.

4th division, Brig.-gen. Lauman.

Seventeenth army corps,2 Major-general McPherson.

7th division, Brig.-gen. Quinby. Brigade, Sanborn.

7th division, Brig.-gen. Quinby. Brigade, Holmes.

7th division, Brig.-gen. Quinby. Brigade, Boomer (killed May 22).

3d division, Brig.-gen. Logan. Brigade, Stevenson.

3d division, Brig.-gen. Logan. Brigade, J. E. Smith. [840]

6th division, Brig.-gen. McArthur. Brigade, Leggett.

6th division, Brig.-gen. McArthur. Brigade, Ransom.

Ninth army corps, Major-general Parke.

1st division, Brig.-gen. Welsh.

2d division, Brig.-Gen. Potter.

Herron's division.

Engineer corps, Major Tweeddale.

1st cavalry division, Col. Mizner.

2d cavalry division, Brig.-gen. Grierson.

We have not been able to procure the necessary documents to complete this account of the composition of Grant's army.3 But, on the other hand, we are enabled to give a detailed statement of the effective force of this army, month after month, during the entire Vicksburg campaign:

Effective force of the Federal army of the Tennessee.

dates.Present for duty on special duty.Sick. Present.Present and absent. Serviceable horses.Cannon.
January 31, 1863.
Thirteenth corps23,810 5,600 29,410 38,790 4,800 12
Fifteenth corps17,074 6,728 23,802 30,329 2,015 32
Sixteenth corps40,532 2,273 42,805 51,024 2,231 60
Seventeenth corps32,060 2,417 34,477 43,464 1,517 56
Engineers636 5 641 811
Total114,112 17,023 131,135 164,418 10,563 160
February 28.
Thirteenth corps23,090 6,256 29,346 38,091 5,975 68
Fifteenth corps20,549 6,041 26,590 33,598 800 36
Sixteenth corps45,686 5,047 50,733 61,937 3,680 45
Seventeenth corps19,510 1,674 21,184 26,547 1,393 60
Engineers687 84 771 963
Total109,522 19,102 128,624 161,136 11,848 209
March 31.
Thirteenth corps25,529 3,885 29,414 40,674 4,261 61
Fifteenth corps20,537 4,749 25,286 33,021 791 40
Sixteenth corps48,223 5,547 53,770 64,746 9,015 161
Seventeenth corps19,8901,152 21,042 26,321 1,388 60
Engineers824 54 878 1,063
Total115,00315,387130,390165,825 15,460 322


Effective force of the army of the Tennessee (continued).

dates.Present for duty, and on special duty.Sick.Present.Present and absent.Serviceable horses.Cannon.
April 30.
Thirteenth corps27,3352,68330,01839,4933,74036
Fifteenth corps26,1725,24231,41440,47685036
Sixteenth corps45,4114,32949,74058,4448,137175
Seventeenth corps20,1521,20621,35826,2911,27660
May 31.
Thirteenth corps26,9862,55029,53638,18090933
Fifteenth corps17,8291,24418,07327,9371,35344
Sixteenth corps51,5584,81556,37369,9092,47293
Seventeenth corps15,4871,10616,59325,2161,07456
June 30.
Thirteenth corps25,2644,65629,92041,729280
Fifteenth corps16,5432,79319,33627,3471,33850
Sixteenth corps41,6015,17146,77257,6614,47174
Seventeenth corps15,5311,84417,37524,1951,27740
Ninth corps8,2184828,70011,93434016
Herron's division4,4907065,1966,10234312
Engineers and colored regiments3,6146854,2995026

Confederate army of the Mississippi. (May 1, 1863.)

Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the Mississippi and Tennessee, General Joseph E. Johnston, Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the Mississippi, Lieutenant General Pemberton.

Division, Bowen.

Division, Bowen.

Division, M. L. Smith.

Brigade, Green.

Brigade, Cockerell.

Brigade, Gates.

Brigade, Vaughn.

Brigade, Shoupe.

Brigade, Baldwin. [842]

Division, Stevenson.

Division, Forney,

Division, Forney,

Division, Forney,

Division, Loring.

Division, Loring.

Brigade, Reynolds.

Brigade, Moore.

Brigade, Lee.

Brigade, Hebert.

Brigade, Tilghman.

Brigade, Buford.

Brigade, Featherston.

Division, Gardner, at Port Hudson, Brigade, Gregg.

Division, Maxey.

Division, Beall.

Cavalry brigade, Wirt Adams.

Reinforcements arrived at Jackson: Brigade, W. H. Walker.

Reinforcements arrived at Jackson: Brigade, Gist.

This list having been prepared, not from official sources, but simply from information collected here and there from various reports, is very incomplete, and contains perhaps some inaccuracies. We have found it impossible to correct it and supply the documents that are wanting.

Detailed statement of the forces.

the following statement of the forces of the two armies, although made from returns having the difference of one month's date between them, may be useful for comparing the various elements of these armies and their respective forces. It will be noticed, for instance, that the disabled men play by far a greater part in the Confederate than in the Federal army. In fact, the total number of soldiers and officers on the sick-list, either in field or general hospitals, under arrest, absent with leave, or deserters, amounts for the Confederates to 45,423; that is, more than three-ninths of an aggregate force of 133,680 men; for the Federals to 26,704, or two-ninths of an aggregate force of 167,251 men.

The total number sick, absent with leave, and in arrest is greater in the Southern than in the Northern army. [843]

Army of Northern VirginiaArmy of the Potomac
(May 31).(June 30).
Present: Under armsofficers6,1166,422
enlisted men68,34393,053
enlisted men6,9313,168
On extra dutyofficers200333
enlisted men5,7519,311
Under arrestofficers11268
enlisted men836443
Absent (officers and enlisted men):
On detached service7,84721,428
On leave3,4041,655
Without leave7,7673,292
Grand total133,680167,251

Here is now the detailed statement of the forces of the two armies at the dates above stated. It will be remarked that between this date and that of the 30th of June, to which relates the statement of the composition of the Army of Northern Virginia by regiments, that army has been greatly altered. But in this organization, of which we have spoken elsewhere, there has been but little modification in the whole of its effective force; the aim has been to divide the army into three corps instead of two. A new brigade has been formed for General Davis of the Second and Eleventh Mississippi, which were long separated from the army, and of two new regiments, the Forty-second Mississippi and the Fifty-fifth North Carolina; Pettigrew's strong brigade, recently arrived from North Carolina, and Archer's and Pender's brigades, borrowed from Hill, have been added to it to form a division commanded by General Heth; Hill's division has been placed under General Pender; and Anderson's, taken from Longstreet, with the two preceding ones forms the Third corps, commanded by Hill. The First and Second corps have thus found themselves reduced to three divisions each. Longstreet has kept the first, and Ewell the second. From the 31st of May to the 1st of July the army has gained—1st, Pettigrew's brigade; 2d, Jenkins' and Imboden's; it has lost—1st, Corse's brigade and a regiment of Pettigrew's, left at Hanover Junction; 2d, three regiments of Early's division, left at Winchester.


Army of Northern Virginia. Effective force May 31st.

Present under arms.Total Present.Absent.Total.
General staff and that of the army corps4747148
First corpsAnderson's division.7,4409,1594,51713,676
McLaws division7,3118,7364,06612,802
Hood's division7,7209,1483,43912,587
Pickett's division6,6877,9454,10512,050
Second corpsHill's division9,29911,3357,07318,408
Rodes' division8,47310,2295,57915,799
Early's division6,9438,3504,71313,063
Johnson's division5,5646,7135,15811,871
Stuart's cavalry division10,29211,9224,80716,729

Army of the Potomac. Effective force June 30, 1863.

Present under arms.Total present.Present and absent.Cannon.
Headquarters and troops attached thereto2,5803,0314,125
Artillery reserve2,8682,7453,138150
First corps10,35512,15717,50228
Second corps13,05614,37322,31724
Third corps12,63013,88122,40330
Fifth corps13,21115,10221,36526
Sixth corps15,71017,62524,03648
Eleventh corps10,57612,09617,37426
Twelfth corps8,5979,81614,57420

The absent are composed as follows:

On detached service21,428
On leave1,665
Without leave3,292

Present and equipped:


1 in some minor details this statement is inaccurate. See revised roster in Addenda, for which, and for the other valuable statements therein contained, we are indebted to General Richard C. Drum, adjutant-general of the army, and Colonel Robert N. Scott, in charge of the publication of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies.—Ed.

2 the Thirteenth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth corps formed the army of the Tennessee proper; the thirteen divisions composing it were numbered consecutively.

3 See revised roster in Addenda.—Ed.

4 Incomplete.

5 In this number are included the wounded of Chancellorsville.

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John M. Tuttle (3)
J. E. B. Stuart (3)
Frederick Steele (3)
R. E. Rodes (3)
Isaac F. Quinby (3)
J. J. Pettigrew (3)
William D. Pender (3)
Lafayette McLaws (3)
J. H. Forney (3)
Eugene A. Carr (3)
Frank P. Blair (3)
Trimble (2)
John D. Stevenson (2)
John E. Smith (2)
Andrew J. Smith (2)
A. J. Smith (2)
Thomas E. G. Ransom (2)
George E. Pickett (2)
Peter J. Osterhaus (2)
John McArthur (2)
Loring (2)
John A. Logan (2)
Fitzhugh Lee (2)
W. Jones (2)
Alvin P. Hovey (2)
John B. Hood (2)
Ambrose P. Hill (2)
Henry Heth (2)
Francis J. Herron (2)
Harry T. Hays (2)
Cyrus Hall (2)
D. M. Gregg (2)
Charles K. Graham (2)
Jefferson Davis (2)
John Buford (2)
Bowen (2)
Baldwin (2)
James J. Archer (2)
Samuel K. Zook (1)
Percy Wyndham (1)
A. R. Wright (1)
W. T. Wofford (1)
J. M. Williams (1)
C. M. Wilcox (1)
Amiel W. Whipple (1)
Frank Wheaton (1)
Thomas Welsh (1)
Max Weber (1)
J. H. H. Ward (1)
W. H. Walker (1)
James S. Wadsworth (1)
Vaughn (1)
Erastus B. Tyler (1)
William Tweeddale (1)
Townsend (1)
A. T. A. Torbert (1)
Tilghman (1)
E. L. Thomas (1)
John M. Thayer (1)
George Sykes (1)
Alfred Sully (1)
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Roy Stone (1)
T. B. W. Stockton (1)
Von Steinwehr (1)
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Lionel A. Sheldon (1)
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John C. Robinson (1)
John M. Robertson (1)
John Reynolds (1)
J. F. Reynolds (1)
Joseph W. Revere (1)
S. D. Ramseur (1)
Pratt (1)
Robert B. Potter (1)
Carnot Posey (1)
Alfred Pleasonton (1)
Phillips (1)
Walter Phelps (1)
E. A. Perry (1)
William N. Pendleton (1)
Pemberton (1)
E. F. Paxton (1)
Gabriel R. Paul (1)
John G. Parke (1)
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Orr (1)
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F. T. Nicholls (1)
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