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جَار ( و ) U ( n. ac. جَوْر 1 )
a. [ 'An ], Turned aside, strayed from.
b. [ 'Ala ], Acted wrongfully, unjustly towards.
جَوَّرَ II ,
a. Accused of injustice; considered unjust.
b. Threw, struck down.
c. Hollowed out.
جَاْوَرَ III ,
a. Was neighbour to, lived near.
أَجْوَرَ IV ,
a. Protected, sheltered, succoured.
b. [ 'An ], Turned out of ( the way ).
تَجَوَّرَ V ,
a. Was thrown or struck down; threw himself down.
تَجَاْوَرَ VI , إِِجْتَوَرَ VIII ,
a. Were neighbours.
إِِسْتَجْوَرَ X ,
a. Sought the protection, succour of.
b. [ acc. & Min ], Implored the protection of, against.
جَوْر 1 ,
a. Injustice, tyranny.
جُوْرَة 3t , ( pl. جُوَر 9 ),
a. Hollow, cavity.
جَاْوِر 21 , ( pl. جَوَرَة 4t ),
a. Unjust.
b. Oppressor.
جَوَاْر 22 ,
a. Court-yard.
جِوَاْر 23 , جُوَاْر 24 ,
a. Neighbourhood, vicinity.
b. Protection, patronage.
مُجَوَّر [ N. P.
a. II], Overturned.
b. Hollow, concave.
مُجَاوِر [ N. Ag.
a. III], Neighbouring; neighbour.
جَار ( pl. جِيْرَة , جِيْرَان , أَجْوَار ),
a. Neighbour.
b. Friend; kinsman; client.
c. Protector.
d. Partner, sharer.
e. Pudendum; anus.
a. Protection.
وَرْد جُوْرِىّ
a. Rose of Bengal.

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