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a. A> ( n. ac. لَزْم 1 , لُزْمَة 3t , لَزَاْم 22 , لَزَاْمَة 22t , لُزُوْم 27 , لُزْمَاْن 35 ) [ acc. or Bi ], Was attached, devoted to; applied himself to; was addicted to; stuck clung, kept to; followed about, was inseparable from.
b. Was necessary, obligatory, incumbent; behoved.
c. [ 'An ], Resulted from.
لَاْزَمَ III
a. [ acc. ] see I (a) .
أَلْزَمَ IV ,
a. Joined, united to.
b. Obliged, compelled, necessitated.
c. Imposed upon.
إِِلْتَزَمَ VIII ,
a. Was compelled, obliged; was bound to.
b. [ Bi ], Took upon himself; bound himself, engaged to do.
c. Embraced.
d. [ La ], Annoyed.
إِِسْتَلْزَمَ X ,
a. Required, demanded.
b. Considered necessary, obligatory.
لُزَمَة 9t ,
a. Assiduous; steadfast.
مِلْزَم 20 , مِلْزَمَة 20t , ( pl. مَلَاْزِمُ 44 ),
a. Press; vice.
لَاْزِم 21 ,
a. Joined, united; close; inseparable; attached, devoted.
b. Necessary, unavoidable, inevitable, indispensable; requisite; urgent, pressing.
c. Intransitive, neuter ( verb ).
لَزَاْم 22 ,
a. Continuous, uninterrupted; incessant.
لِزَاْم 23 ,
a. Assiduous.
b. Judgment.
لُزُوْم 27 ,
a. Necessity; inevitableness.
b. Necessary consequence.
لُزُوْمِيَّة 27yit ,
a. see 27 (b) .
N. P. لَزڤمَ I ,
a. Necessary; obligatory.
b. Obliged, compelled.
N. Ag. لَاْزَمَ III ,
a. Clinging &c.; attached.
b. [ coll. ], Assistant; deputy, representative.
N. Ac. أَلْزَمَ IV ,
a. Obligation; con- Straint, compulsion.
N. P. إِِلْتَزَمَ VIII ,
a. see N. P. I .
N. Ac. إِِلْتَزَمَ VIII , ( pl. إِِلْتِزَامَات ),
a. Obligation, duty.
b. see 27 (b) .
مُلَازَمَة [ N. Ac. لَاْزَمَ III ( لِزْم 2 )],
a. Attachment.
b. Adherence, adhesion.
c. Assiduity, application; pertinacity.
d. see 27 (b) .
a. Necessarily.
صَارَ الشَّيْء ضَرْبَة لَازِم
a. The thing has become necessary.
اِلْتَزَمَ بِالمُلْتَزَم
a. He remained in meditation.

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