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1 سَخُنَ ذ , (JK, S, MA, L, Msb, K,) aor. سَخُنَ ; (TA;) and سَخَنَ, (S, MA, L, Msb, K,) aor. سَخُنَ ; (TK;) and سَخِنَ, (L, Msb, K,) which is of the dial. of Benoo-'Ámir, (L,) aor. سَخَنَ ; (TK;) inf. n. سُخُونَةٌ, (JK, S, MA, L, Msb, K,) which is of the first [agreeably with analogy] (JK, S, MA) and of the second also, (S,) and سُخْنَةٌ, (JK, L, K,) which is of the first, (JK,) and سُخْنٌ, (MA, L, K, [accord. to some copies of the K, in which بِضَمَّتَيْنِ is put instead of بِضَمِّهِنَّ after these three inf. ns., سُخُنٌ,]) which is likewise of the first, (MA,) [or of the first and second,] and سَخَانَةٌ, (L, Msb, K,) [also of the first accord. to general analogy,] and سَخَنٌ, (K,) [which is of the third verb;] It was, or became, hot, or warm; (JK, S, MA, L, K;) said of water, (JK, S, L, Msb,) &c. (S, MA, L, Msb.) And سَخَنَتِ النَّارُ, and القِدْرُ, [and سَخُنَت,] aor. سَخُنَ , inf. n. سُخْنٌ and سُخُونَةٌ, [The fire, and the cooking-pot, became hot.] (L.) And سَخُنَتِ الأَرْضُ and سَخَنَت and سَخِنَت [The ground became hot]. (L.) And سَخُنَتْ عَلَيْهِ الشَّمْسُ [The sun became hot upon him]: in the dial. of Benoo-'Ámir سَخِنَتْ. (L.) And سَخُنَ اليَوْمُ, (L, Msb,) and سَخَنَ, aor. سَخُنَ , and some say سَخِنَ, aor. سَخَنَ , inf. n. سُخْنٌ and سُخُنٌ, [The day was, or became, hot, or warm.] (L.) And سَخُنَتِ الدَّابَّةُ The beast, being made to run, became hot in its bones, and light, or agile, in its running; [or simply, became hot, or heated; (see EM pp. 172 and 173;)] as also سَخَنَت. (L.) And سَخِنَتْ عَيْنُهُ, with kesr, (JK, * S, MA, L, K,) and سَخُنَتْ, (JK, L,) or the former only, (L,) inf. n. سُخْنَةٌ (JK, S, * MA, L, K, [in the CK, erroneously, سَخْنَة,]) and سُخُونٌ (JK, L, K) and سَخَنٌ, (L, K, [accord. to the CK سَخْنٌ, but this is a mistake,]) contr. of قَرَّتْ (S, * L, K *) [i. e.] His eye was, or became, hot, [or heated, or inflamed, by weeping, or by grief or sorrow; or hot] in its tears. (MA.)

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