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bjarga berg, barg, burgum, borginn v

1. to help, save, with dat; nema � byrgi honum, unless Th helped him; sá er öldum bergr, who saves mankind (viz against the giants, ie Thor); guðs son er öllum heimi barg, who saved the whole world; impers, e-m er borgit, one is saved, comes safe and sound out of danger (brutu skip sitt ok týndu fé öllu, en mönnum varð borgit flestum) ; b skipshöfn, to rescue the shipwrecked; b skipi, to haul a ship out of the reach of the tide; b hval, to secure a dead whale (by dragging it ashore) ; b konum, to help labouring women (cf 'bjargrúnar') ; b kúm, to attend cows calving; b nám, to render the last service to dead bodies (cf 'nábjargir') ; b sök, máli, to succeed in winning a case, a suit;
2. refl, bjargast, to keep up the heart, esp against cold or hunger ; Oddr bargst vel á fjallinu (in a snow storm) ; b sjálfr, to gain one's bread; b á sínar hendr, to support oneself with one's own hands; b úti, to find one's food (graze) in the field (of cattle) ; Snorri góði fann, at nafni hans bargst lítt við ostinn, that he got on slowly with eating the cheese; verði þér nú at b við slík sem til er, you must now put up with what you can get

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