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Proceedings of the 275th Anniversary of the settlement of Medford.

Through the courtesy of the Executive Committee of the 275th Anniversary, the register has received a copy of the attractive book under the above title.

The book contains 261 pages, 87 of which are devoted to a brief history of Medford by Mr. John H. Hooper. The historian presents a great deal of new material which his long study of land titles and other county and town records has brought to light. Mr. Hooper's problem was not ‘what shall I put in’ to the few pages at his disposal, but rather ‘what shall I leave out?’

We are anxiously waiting for instalments of this leftover matter, while we are delighted with and instructed by what he has already given us. The Committee is to be congratulated for having secured for the book the services of the man who knows more about Medford history than any other person living.

The report of the anniversary with stenographic reports of all addresses and poems, with full reports of committee work, is admirably compiled. The illustrations are artistic and the portraits wonderfully good likenesses. Either the history, the reports of proceedings or the illustrations, alone would be well worth the price of the book to one who loves the fair old town of Medford ‘on the Mistick.’ [p. 68]

Names.From. Date.Warned out.Remarks.
Teal, JohnDec. 31, 1744‘In dwelling belonging to the Gerrishes.’
       Sarah (wife)
Teel, JonathanJan. 30, 1791
Teel, SamuelCharlestown, Apr. 15, 1758Nov. 27, 1758Tenant of Col. Royall.
       Jane (wife)
Thompson, BenjaminWoburn, May 26, 1757Age 5. In family of Joshua Simonds.
Thompson, PhoebeMalden, Apr. 13, 1764‘From Mr. Jonas Green's in Malden’ to house of Simon Tufts.
Thompson, PhoebeStoneham, July 22, 1765May 6, 1766In family of Dr. Simon Tufts.
Thompson, RichardWilmington, Sept. 6, 1764Apprentice in family of Nathl. Peirce.
Thompson, SamuelWoburn, Feb., 1771Apprentice to Ebenezer Hall, Jr.
Thrift, HannahMar. Ct., 1758Servant of Benj. Pierce. See Hannah Priest.
Tibido, JohnTenant of Col. Royall, 1762.

[p. 69]

Tottingham, DavidJan. 30, 1791
Townsend, DavidLynn, May 17, 1757Mar. 22, 1758‘Taken in’ by Capt. Willis.
       Mary (wife)
       Mary (daughter)
Townsend, JethroAug. 31, 1797
Tucker, AbigailPepperell, Dec. 11, 1765Sept. 1, 1766Servant of Saml. Angier.
Tufts, HannahBostonApr. 6, 1759 Dec. Ct., 1759Daughter of James and Phoebe Tufts.
Tufts, JonathanDeceased before May 3, 1756. Tenant of Col. Royall.
Tufts, PhoebeDec. Ct., 1759
Tufts, Phoebe, Jr.Boston, Oct. 2, 1759Nov. 21, 1759‘Taken in’ by Phoebe Tufts.
Tufts, Samuel1Charlestown, Apr. 18, 1763Nov. 30, 1763Tenant of Col. Royall.
       Timothy2Cambridge, Apr. 18, 1763Nov. 30, 1763Tenant of Col. Royall, on farm which Mr. Peirce lately improved.
       Anna (wife)
       Timothy (young child)
Tufts, William, Jr.Tenant of Mr. Bishop, 1764.
Turner, MaryCharlestown, Apr., 1758Nov. 27, 1758Child in family of Benj. Teel.
Tuttle, JoannaChelsea, Nov. 12, 1761Servant of Zacheriah Pool, Jr.
Tuttle, JosephAug. 31, 1797
Tuttle, MehitabelChelsea, Mar. 15, 1761Feb. 16, 1762Daughter of Jno. Tuttle of Chelsea. In family of Joseph Tufts.
Tuttle, Rebecca3Charlestown, May 26, 1763Nov. 30, 1763‘Laborer’ in house of Timo. Tufts.

[p. 70]

Names.From. Date.Warned out.Remarks.
Usher, EleazerAug. 31, 1797
       ElizabethMerrimack, May 3, 1765Feb. 24, 1766Single woman. Servant in family of Col. Royall.
Varder, Beriah (widow)Medford, Apr. 23, 1750
Vardy, Samuel4Newton, Mar. 27, 1766Nov. 8, 1766
       Beula (wife)
       Elizabeth (children)
       Hannah (children)
Vears, FrancisBoston, July 2, 1760May 6, 1761Tenants of Stephen Hall.
       Ann (wife)
VenusNegro in family of Edw. Bucknam.
Vinten, David5RoxburyOct. 8, 1770
VioletNegro in family of Hugh Floyd.
Wade, RebeccaJan. 30, 1791
Wait, FrancisAug. 31, 1797
Wait, Hannah6Lynn, Nov., 1757Feb. 8, 1758Tenant of Capt. Ebenezer Marrow.
Waite, PeterHalifax, Feb. 26, 1761Belonging in Roxbury. Some years in service in Nova Scotia. In house of Hugh Floyd.

[p. 71]

Waite, SamuelCastine,7 Dec. 24, 1768In house of Joseph Tufts.
Walker, JohnJan. 30, 1791
Walker, RebeccahBoston, Dec. 26, 1766May 2, 1797
Walker, RuthLexington, Nov., 1765Feb. 24, 1766In family of Nathl. Webb.
Walker, TimothyJan. 30, 1791Butcher.
Warner, TobiasCambridge, Nov. 22, 1764Aug. 26, 1765Child in family of Josiah Dixon.
Warren, MaryWatertown, Nov. 5, 1763June 14, 1764Daughter of Samuel Warren. In family of Isaac Hall.
Watson, IsaacCambridge, May, 1770Oct. 8, 1770
Watts, NathanielAug. 31, 1797
Webb, NathanielLexington, Nov. 1765Feb. 24, 1766
       Amy (wife)
       John (children)
       Elizabeth (children)
       Jotham (children)
       James (children)
       Sarah (children)
       Michael (children)
Webber, Patience1735-6
Welch, JamesBoston, Oct. 26, 1761Feb. 16, 1762Irishman. Coachman in employ of Col. Royall.
Wheeler, John B.Aug. 31, 1797
Wheelwright, JosephJan. 30, 1791
Whitaker, ElizabethBoston, Sept. 25, 1772 In family of Benj. Hall.
White, FrancisWeston, abt. July 9, 1766Nov. 8, 1766[Francis Burns.
White, JosiahWenham, May 3, 1763Feb. 12, 1764Single man. In family of

1 Brothers.

2 Brothers.

3 Single woman.

4 Verder, Varder, Vardy.

5 Vinton

6 Mrs. Hannah Wayte.

7 Baggaduse.

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