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The battles near Richmond.
further reports of casualties.

We append such additional reports of the killed, wounded and missing in the recent battles below Richmond, as have been forwarded to us from the headquarters of the several commands:

Casualties in the 27th Georgia regiment.

Field and Staff.--Killed; Captain Thomas J. Bacon, commissary. Wounded: Col. Levi B. Smith, servers flesh wound in thigh. Four balls penetrated Col Smith's clothes, one his sword scabbard, and two his horse; Lieut Jas Gardner, very slightly, leg.

Company A.--Wounded: Corp'l Thomas S Kendrick, hand; Corp'l Thos W. Mitchell fool; privates Robert Flurry, body and cheek; Wm A J Teat, arm; Wiley Williamson, thigh; Net W. Mytic, Geo W. Chapman, slightly; John C. Calhoun do.

Company B--Wounded: Captain John W. Stubbs, very slightly by cannon ball; Corp'l Jonathan Willoughby, slightly; privates M C Hennigan, mortally; Wm Wheeler, severely; Wm Parker, do; Isaac Hightower, missing, known to be wounded; J T Avant; slightly.

Company C--Killed: J N and G M Williams, (brothers) Wounded: Lieut W W Johnson, slightly in arm; Sergt John Murchison, slightly in arm; Sergt John Murchison sightly in leg; Privates W J Deane, mortally in side; W H McKinney, mortally in head; F Hortmar, severely; J J Cater, severely; W A Webb, slightly in arm; B A Johnson, slightly in leg; Timothy Robinson, slightly in thigh; B F Kennedy, slightly; C Robinson, slightly in head; J S Deans, slightly in face; Allen Yaun, slightly in hand. Missing: G R Davis, D C Sawyers, and Jas Dyes.

Company D.--Wounded: Capt J N Dorsey, severely; Lieut R V Cobb, in leg; Lieut J K Dorsey, in head; Sergt Wiley Souse, in arm; Corp'l A S Sears, in arm; Privates Jackson Gaines, in arm; John is Gaines, in arm; H B Smith, in shoulder, Jas T Hawks, in arm; M C Bagwell, slightly in hand; Madison Hills, in arm; B W Reed, in hand; J R Reed, in hip; A S Lowry, in shoulder; Harvey Presley, in shoulder; Cleero Sex on, in thigh; W T Wood, in leg; Lewis Burton, in arm; Cornelius Latimore, in arm; Harrison Kennedy, in leg; H M Langford, in shoulder; Charley Hope, in leg; Andy White, in ice. Missing: H Tanner.

Company E--Wounded: Privates Wm A J Denson. in hand; Wm M Burges, flesh wound, thigh; Isham West, hand; Thomas J Horton, mortally, head; Ephram Thompson; mortally, hip; John H Denson, slightly, cheek; Jas R Thompson, slightly, arm; George D Cater, mortally, side.

Company F--Killed: Serg John Shirah. Wounded: Lieut L Q U McCrary, severely; Serg R C Bailey, severely, thigh; Serg W G Holland, slightly; Corp'l J T Hancock, severely; Corp'l Learcy, slightly; Privates Lewis Hill, slightly; Daniel Sells, slightly; G W Pulling, slightly. James Rowland, slightly; W H Layfield, severely; John H Layfield mortally; Greene Massey, slightly; Jesse Shinholater, slightly; W H Parks, slightly; T J Bynum, severely; J Heart, slightly; Slaughter Hill, slightly; Jno R McGinfy, slightly.

Company G--Killed: Serg R H Ross, Privates C C Watis, J B Peters Wounded: Lt J C Beeks, slightly, leg; Privates J L Banks, arm, slightly; W R M Jones, shoulder; Russell Ross, flesh wound, leg: T J Wadsword, back of neck; J R Jordan, flesh wound, thigh; J S Alkin, thigh and head; J B Creamer, flesh wound, thigh; J B Copeland, wrist; Flem Brown, flesh wound, thigh; J S Lipsey, finger shot off; W J Brook, high broken; J W Boyd, two fingers off; W J Foster, shoulder; W H Means, shoulder; T J Howard, thigh, slightly; E J Fowler, bruised hip by bomb: Serg J C Adamans, hand and face, slightly; E H Thurkill, slightly, in breast; J M Maxey, do; J M Lee, slightly, leg; A J Brooks, slightly, groin. Missing: Milas Hagans, known to be wounded; W J Simmons.

Company H--Killed: Lieut Jas G Turner; Privates Jacob Dice and A M Harris. Wounded: Capt W W DeLamar, arm, severely; Lt R A Harkey, leg, slightly; Corporal W F Robinson, breast, mortally; Privates S G Harkness, thigh, mortally, since dead; F W McClendon, knee, severely, ankle, slightly; J P D Harris, lex, severely; S M Henry, shoulder, severely; E W Harper, hip, slightly; R J Nail, hand, slightly; H H Miller, do; J P Copeland, finger, do. Missing: G T Emory and B F Turner.

Company I--Killed: Capt O A Lee; Privates Jackson Cooner and Franklin Quinn--Wounded: Henry Beecher, slightly, elbow; Wm Smith, mortally, in bowels; W A Beecher, severely, in side; Wm H Dilbon, do; William Griffin, slightly arm; Nathaniel Thomas, very slightly, check. Missing: Jacob T Thompson and Daniel E Lynn.

Company K--Killed: 1st Sergt Wm H Fuller, 3d Sergt David Greene, Private A D Willis. Wounded: 1st Lieut W J Raines, severely, in leg; Jr 2d Lieut W J Jones, severely, in thigh; 4th Sergt S B Marshall, very slightly, in face; Corporal C E Dezier, severe flesh wound, in thigh; Corporal Jas A Dozier, thigh, shattered; Privates G H Mathews, slightly, in arm; Freeman Mathews, severely, in thigh; J B Wilson, arm broken, and severe flesh wound in thigh; J B Pye, very slightly, on breast; Andrew Howard, severely, in shoulder.


Killed 16

James Gardner,

Adjutant 27th Georgia regiment.

Casualties in the 11th Alabama regiment.

Col Sydenham Moore, severely, wounded.

Company A.--Killed: Privates E B Adams and Benj Nored. Wounded: Capt T H Holcomb, in the hand; 2d Lieut John H Adams, slightly; Serg't J J Carter, slight; privates A S Crawford, mortally; J S Parker, mortally; Wm R Fortles, J T McDonald, A J Morgan, Henry Beard, severely; Geo Post. Missing: J H E Adams, T W Tucker, supposed to be killed.

Company B.--Wounded: W F Morris, seriously.

Company C.--None.

Company D.--Killed: Privates J L Compton, T W Oakley, Samuel Turner, W H Williamson. Wounded: Capt Gen E Tayloe, seriously in fool; Sergt F L Glover, slight; Privates J W Blunt, leg amputated; B F Jordson, R A Barton, A W Barr, slight; W H Compton, R Elmore, J W Jones, slight; R H Patterson, W J Oakley, slight.

Company E.--Killed: Corp'l W E Winstanley.

Company F.--Killed: 1st Sergt M J Carson. Privates J W Davis. Wounded: Privates B Kornegay, since dead; G L Mayberry. D A Griffin, Henry Davis, John Moses, F James, R Hogan, John Henry, W W H Brown, N Smitherman, Wm Green, Geo Woodruff, L Taylor, J N Suttle, slight; Wm Childers

Company G.--Wounded: Privates Geo W Brewer, leg amputated; David C Cox.

Company H.--Missing: Private John Lano, reported to be wounded; Private J A Allen.

Company I--Wounded: Corp'l J A Kirkland, R L Smith, A W Dama, Private J M Vale.

Company K.--Wounded: Corp'l W A Phillips, Private Morton, mortally; A M Lurb, Thos Milchell.

Total killed total wounded 48 missing 4.

The above loss was sustained by the regiment on Saturday evening (with the exception of private Morton, co. K, who was wounded Sunday morning,) and the numbers show the severity of the fire to which it was exposed. W. F. Wise.

Adjutant 11th Alabama Reg't.

Casualties in the 2d Mississippi regiment.

Company A.--Wounded: Private Thomas Baller. Missing: Private C C Key.

Company B.--Wounded: Sergt P G Braddock, Privates James Sutherland, severely; T A Prince, severely; Samuel Goldsmith, slightly, he is only 15 years of age; J M Colton, mortally; J L Boyd, severely; J L McDonald, J L Ticer, W C Graham, B B Thompson.

Company D.--Wounded: Private R H Wilson.

Company F.--Killed: Private Jas B Smith. Wounded: Privates Joel Prince, J L Pitiman. Missing: Private F W Pickens.

Company G.--Killed: Privates Jas Reed, R M Barksdale. Wounded: Sergt J M Barksdale, Privates to Manaban. Pat McNsily, W M Combt, P K Pickens. Missing; Private C W Wheeler.

Company H.--Killed: Private F G McKinney. Wounded: Private Geo Osborne Missing: Private A P Bland.

Company I.--Wounded: Private J B Simms, mortally.

Company K.--Killed: Private T Gary.--Wounded: Privates W L Renean, Wm Sutton, Geo Hamilton, A W Allen, Wm Atkins, Jno Horton, T J Taylor.

Company L.--Wounded: Sergt E Jno. an, Private J A McAlister.

The regiment never got in the fight until near dark, and consequently was engaged but a short while. The regiment belongs to Gen. Whiting's brigade, (the 31 formerly commanded by Gen. Bee.

Casualties in the 7th Tennessee regiment.

Adjutant G A Howard, wounded in arm slightly.

Company A.--Killed: Corp'l G W Deiver, Privates James Vernatts. John Garrison, P J Mason, Jno Nix Wounded: Capt J S Dawell, in arm, severely; Corp'l Isaac Nan in both arms, slightly; Privates Thos Davis, in thigh, severely; T J eed, Jr, in shoulder, slightly; John Johnson, in thigh in arm, slightly; H slightly; slightly; Theodore Moore, in foot; J R Newsom. Missing, D W Sewell, J J Martin, W C Grima--three last supposed to be killed.

Company B.--Killed: Private John Dawson. Wounded: Capt John Allen, in neck and thigh — not dangerous; Lieut F A Timberlake, in head and back — not dangerous. Privates Henry W Beasley, in hand, severely; Henry A Mitchell, slightly; John D Boulton, do; Samuel J Duke, do; Fren Gibbs, do.

Company C.--Killed: Lieut C V Ingram, Corp'l J C Habbard, Privates W W Walker. Madison Buck, Joseph Lovell. Wounded Capt John D Fry, in wrist, severely; Sgts B B P Jackson, slightly; Thos C Woodall, do; Privates J K Buck, slightly; Jos G Barber, leg and shoulder, severely; Geo C Campbell, both thighs, severely; J C Clendenning, slightly; E G Clark, do; W S Elliott, head, severely; J K P Elliott, slightly; Ed Feley, head severely; David Jennett, slightly; J B Love, in ankle, severely; John Lewis. in hand; B O Rutherford, in leg, badly; J W Turnage, in thigh, severely.

Company D.--Killed: Haney Tribble, John A Womack, G H B Holleman. Wounded: Capt M L Walsh, slightly in face; 1st Sg't Hart Harris, in thigh, badly; Sg't Hearn, in head, badly; Corp'l S K Jennings, slightly; J H Webster, in thigh, badly; Privates J L Heern, in thigh, badly; F F Chamberlain, thigh slightly; R C Hughes, neck, badly; W T Hankins, fluges; J P Graves, shoulder, badly; J L Williams, breast, badly; Frank Evitts, head, slightly; Thos Bullard, head, slightly; B R Hunter, shoulder and arm; Z Walkins, month, badly; J T Walkins, foot, slightly.

Company E.--Wounded: Capt Jas Franklin, in arm, slightly; Privates M L Hurt, chin, slightly; W A Kirkpatrick, Yace, severely; D W Elam, missing and supposed killed.

Company F, Capt A Hill commanding — Wounded: Lieut T L Jennings, arm, badly; Privates M L Bland, hip, badly; G W Dunn, face, slightly; G W Lewis, shoulder, badly; H W Purcell, hand; J R Saunders, head, slightly; L D Strond, arm, slightly; G W Webb, hand; J Turner, hand. Wounded and Missing: T J Hardwick, W U Jones.

Company G, Capt Shepherd, commanding — Killed: Private J T Rice, Wounded: B F Sullivan, slightly; W H Davis, shoulder, slight; A J Foster, thigh; W H Robbins, jaw; W H Sullivan, slight; P B Young, slight; N J Quesenberry, slight; G M Huddiston, slight;--Edwards, slight; B F Curry, chin Wounded and missing; C J Simmons, in leg; E Edwards, L C Hutchins.

Company H, Capt W H Williamson, commanding — Killed: Private Thomas E Buford. Wounded: Lt R P Doak, thigh: Lt And Allison, hip, slight, Sergt S D Major, head, slight; Corp'l G A Thompson, do, do; Privates Richard Beard, both legs; Jos P Beard, leg, severe, missing; D D Hamilton, head; Samuel Harlin, neck and Jew, severe; Welboth Morriss, hand; Henry W Manson, arm and hand; James Patton, neck, slight; James E Stration, hip, severe; Robt R Taylor, side and leg, severe; Robert Wormack, side, slight; John Reeves, slight; Henry Blair, slight; Thos J Holloway, slight.

Company I--Killed: P M Etherly, A McClain, D J Vangnan. Wounded: W E Curd, in shoulder, slight; Lt J W Vivreti, in leg; 1st Sergt W H Vivreti, hand; Sergt J R Young, leg, missing; Sergt J W Clemens, head; Privates W C Baird, leg; E Bryant, hand; J T Curd, bowels; R T Davis, leg; I W Eatherley, hand; A D Hall, side; J T Darris, arm; C H Robertson, shoulder; J A Sullivan; B S Sullivan, leg; J B Scoby, arm; W B Sullivan, side; J W Tillford, head; J L Walpote, foot; A V Wlikerson, shoulder, severe; J W Walkerson in arm; F D Bass, slight; J F Jetton neck and shoulder, severe.

Company K, Capt A D Norris, commanding — Wounded: Lt M V Baird, in hip, slight; Corp'l J H Cartwright, thigh; Privates A D Renson, slight; G W Connelly, head, severe; Jos Davenport, slight; S F Forbis, arm; T H Johnson; severely; J R Johnson, shoulder, severely; D N Resgon, slight. Wounded and supposed to be killed; Corp'l Jno. S Peyton, Private W P Rice. Missing: M Lorgan, David Phillips, James Weaver.

A be Bostick Serg't-Major,

7th Reg't Tenn. Vols.

Casualties in the 6th N. C. State troops (Colpender.)

The officer who furnishes the subjoined report, says in a note to the editors:

"This regiment was in the advance and drove the enemy before them for a mile and a half, capturing their camps, with large supplies and valuable property, when they were met by large bodies of Federals, entrenched with massed batteries. It was in Charging these batteries, twice, that the chief loss was sustained."

Company A.--Killed: None. Wounded: Lieut Smith, contusion; Privates King, severely; Wm Glesson. do; H Dempsy, slightly; J R Blakley, do; J W Coletrim, do.--Missing: Privates J Lehey, R Croker.

Company B.--Wounded: Sergt Leathers, slightly; Privates John W. McFarland, severely; Wm G Ray, slightly; W U Roberts, do; Wm Latta, do; Jas Moore, severely, left on the field. Missing: Privates H S Harris, Wm Glann.

Company C.--Wounded: Capt W J Freeland, severely and missing; Corp'l W Woods, mortally and left on field; Privates S Haichens, severely and left on field; W T Gresham, slightly; W J Laycock, slightly; E N Blalock, mortally; J F Hall, severely; H Vickers, slightly. Missing: Sergt A J Carroll, Privates M V Biaylock, W J Holloway.

Company D.--Killed: Private J A Houk. Wounded: Lieut Ray, slightly; Sergt Conner, do; Privates J M Baker, R A Coon, severely; J F Dennis, arm; R Keller, arm; Allen Martin, dangerously; P Quigley, month. Missing: P Bailey.

Company E.--Killed: Private H Willis. Wounded: Serg Donevant, shoulder; Corp'l Cox, slightly; Privates J W Coffee, severely; C L Coffee, slightly; J P Davis, C H English, slightly; J D Howell, W J Loving, J A McGee, severely; J M McKenny, severely; K R Singleton, slightly; J T Sparks, dangerously; D R Silvers, J H Smallwood, H W Houston. Jos. Boon, slightly; Jas Stevenson, severely.

Company F--Killed: Private Jos B Thompson. Wounded: Pohn Trollinger, D M Keck, since dead; H Herring, Thos Fowler, John W Gibson, J J Bradshaw, Jacob Shepherd, Wm Pender, John W Bason, Wm Sikes, slightly.

Company G--Killed: Serg Barringer, Privates A W Blackwilder, Wm Porter. Wounded: Corp'l Wesley W Miller severely; Privates Wm Cobble, James A Holt, W H smith, W Corriher, G M Starritt, severely; J L Rendle man, P J Thomason, slightly. Missing: Serg W R Owen, Privates John Helligh, W S Shinn.

Company H.--Killed: Privates W T Walker, Thos Taylor. Wounded: Serg't Covington, Corp'l Heater, privates J W Martin, dangerously; T L Evans D A Walker, T R Cape. W W Donovant, D A Smith, A Moore, J H Walker, slightly. Missing: A Simpson.

Company I.--Killed: G W Perry. Wounded: Lieut Barbee. slightly; Serg't French Corp'l Caments, privates A A Lewis, W H Dulard, Jos Norris, severely; S Gales, W H Kelley, slightly. Missing: Corp'l Ausley, private Stephen Wilson.

Company K.--Killed: Serg't Barowall, L Thomas. Wounded: Capt J W Lea, hand; privates Hesley. H C King, J S Barton, M Williams, J Horn, W G Garrison, slightly: Missing S Hatchell.

Aggregate loss

B. R. Smith, Ac'j. Such N. O. S. T.

Casualties in the 18th Ga. Regt.

  1. Company A.--None.
  2. Company B.--None.
  3. Company C.--None.
  4. Company D.--None.
  5. Company E.--None.
  6. Company F.--None.
  7. Company G.--Wounded: Oliver G Lee.
  8. Company H.--Wounded: John Ward, A J Nally. Missing: G W Tobert, A Cockrane.
  9. Company I.--Wounded: J T Poltook, J B Ham.
  10. Company K.--Wounded: Lt N T Wofford. Ord'ly T C U d r ood, privates S M Scott, J H Carroll, W H C Smith. Geo. W. Maddox.
First Lt. and Acting Acj't.

Casualties in the fourth Alabama Reg't.

The 4th was not allowed to get close enough to the enemy to be actively engaged, but was held back as reserve. It was exposed to the fire of a battery for several hours on both days. The wounds were all from shalls and their missiles.

Company A.--Corp'l R D Berry, shoulder, slight; Privates Joel Gibson, ley, A S Johnson, regal side, slight.

Company B.--Privates O Masters, right thigh, right arm, and right leg, thigh and arm both amputated; D F Ellis, leg, slight; A Selegman, back.

Company D.--Privates T K Forniss head, mortally; J F Martin foots, severe

Company E.--Private J H Thomas, back; T S Dyere, leg.

Company F.--Capt G B Martin, mortally; Ord Serg M E Croxton, mortally; Privates C Wilson, arm amputated; W R Gill, gluteal region, severe; T M Paticison, shoulder, slight.

Company G.--Privates M T Hendrichs, leg, slight; W D Dunlop, shoulder.

Company H.--Private L Howell, shoulder.

Company I.--Private C L White head, severe.

W. O. H., Surgeon 4th Ala. Reg't.

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