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List of casualties in the recent battles before Richmond.

We continue our publication of the casualties which have taken place in the severe engagements which have been going on before this city for the past week:

List of casualties in the Seventh Virginia regiment.

The 7th Virginia regiment went into the fight of Monday with about 240 men, and came out with about 140. The loss is not fully learned yet, but the following items may relieve the minds of the friends of the wounded.

We had killed Capt. Blackard, Lieut Gooding, Ord Serg Apperson.--Belling, L Willis, John Shotwell, Huisle, Story, Webb, and Huckstep. Capt Jones and Lieut Tensil are among the missing.

The following are the names of a portion of the wounded: J W Sarver, Gen. Brown, Early, Levi Dempsay, Ord-Serg Yates, Thornhill, Lieut Moore, Lieut Almond, Serg-Major Tensil, T. P Barrel, T. P. Mays, ensign of the 7th, J. J. Bolling, John A Jenkins, Wesley Mannel, Ord-Serg Cooper, Lieut Estes, Lieut Fogg, Lewis Monroe, Daniel Bish, Josse Young. J. L. Kidd, Ayler, H. J. Wilburn, David Acres, B. P Meadows, Jas Monroe, L. A. Monroe, W. H McQueary, T. J. Mitchell, Ord-Serg H. Smith.

Killed and wounded in 12th Virginia regiment, Co. Weisiger, in the action of 1st July.

Company A, Capt. Waddell.--Killed: Privates H A Blanks, Jr. Wm A Graham, Robert E. Willcox, Wounded: Henry Fisher, T. F Alley, J. W Baylor.

Company Lyon.--Killed: None. Wounded: Geo W. Dean, R. H Johnson.

Company Bond.--Killed: None Wounded: Lieut Privates M D. Tatum, G F Hill, H V L F Ferkinson, Jos C Robinson, B A Lucy.

Company Killed: Corp Nicholas Dawson.

Company Banks — Killed: None, Wounded Lieut Sergt Jos Carr; Privates D A Bars Revan, J T Robinson, W A Shepherd.

Company Killed: None. Wounded: Lieut. Corp W C Brown, Private J A

Company G. Capt Crawford.--Killed: Private J B Symington. Wounded: Privates J Lovenstein, E E Nimmo.

Company G, Capt Owens.--Killed: Corpl T B Braithwaite; Private Lewis Meyers. Wounded: Sergt J R Baldry.

Company I. Capt Jones.--Killed: Privates John Delbridge, W. E Edwards. Wounded: Sergt T J. Harwell Privates G. W Lee, L F Kelly.

Company H, Capt Lewellen.--Killed: None.--Wounded: Corpl B Mitchell; Private Wm. Mann.

A list of the Killed, wounded, and Missing from the 19th Virginia regiment.

Major John T Ellis wounded in thigh.

Company A.--Wounded: W W Murray.

Company B.--Killed: Jas Durret. Wounded: Sgt Lee Gilmore, Sgt Shepherd, Sgt P. Craven, Corporals Barker, O'Brien; privates W. H Garth, W. H. Jones, W. J. Robertson, A Sutler, J. Huckstep.--Missing: W Leak, P Pearson.

Company C.--Killed: Wm Giles, Geo. Rodeniser; Wm Grant. Wounded: Capt J. E. Blair, Lt. S H. White, Sgt Ro, Bowles, privates. M R Morris, James Napier, C, T Thompson, W D Scruggs. Missing: Ro Herndon.

Company D.--Wounded: Lts R J Harland, H. Baker, S W Farrar; privates W A Ball, W H Duncan, W T England, A M Fortune, W A Moss, J Scanlan, J Strange, W R Woodson. Missing: E M Miles.

Company E.--Killed: W. C. Woud, Wounded: W J Garnett, P. O Garrold, M Wood, J Sandridge, J H Pritchett, B J. Edwards.

Company G.--Killed: W W Loving, W B Coffee, R. M. Fitzpatrick, Aleck Johnson. Wounded: Corp'l B Hamilton, Privates A K Kidd, A B Kidd, L D Kidd, Geo May, J W May, W. H Parrish, J M. Plunket, N. B Ponton, A A Purvis, S J. Saundors. Missing: J A Lowry.

Company F.--Wounded: Privates D Strange, J Warren. Missing: C Barnett, J Lankford, F Bohlinger,--Madison, Chas Walton.

Company I.--Killed: C J Higginbatham. Wounded: Serg't T. H. Campbell, Privates D G Campbell Jos Campbell, E W Smith, W L Simpson, L O Jennings, D F M Burford, W A Pendleton, A S Quinn. Missing: A M Franklin, L P Hawkins, T P Gill, W H Lavender.

Company H.--Killed: Herod Scott. Wounded: Serg't T. McGinnis, Corp'l P Roberts, Privates G. G. Hite, Jno Watts, P G Cox, B Cox, B T, Joiner, J Landrum, H. Stinnett, John Davidson, C W Brown, B Sottle, E Cutter. D Jennings, Lieut Richardson.

Company K.--Wounded: Captain J. G. Woodson, Lieut A J Robertson, Serg't J. H. Rea, Private M. L. Abel.

A list of Killed and wounded of Company I, 1st North Carolina regiment, Capt. Foote.

Killed: Orderly Sergt J. W. Hartsfield, Privates Oscar L Mitchell, Isham W Mitchell, John Smith. Wounded: Elijah Belvin, mortally; Sergt M F Searborough, severely; Atlas H Jones, seriously; James W Powell, James H. Grady, W. H. Pace, Jas Belvin, John Pully, Baldy Pierce, Calvin Pierce, Wesley Young, Wesley Jones, Joseph Rowland, Wm Buffalow, Wm A Jones, Andison Williams, Perry Loyd, Wm T Massingale, Jackson Ellis, Augustus Hicks, H. C Hodge, Henry Perry, Lewis Browning, Green Sanderford, Lt Jz Terrell, severely, in the ankle; Young B. Clifton, Jacob Frazier, Mercelins Pearce.

Total killed, 4; wounded, 27.

Report of casualties in the 38th regiment N. C. T., on June 26th and 27th.

Col J L Hoke, wounded.

Adj't Cowels,

Company A, Lieut Armstrong, commanding — Not in action.

Company B, Capt Cook, commanding.--Killed: Corp'l G W. Wheeling, Private Jas Stokes, Sr., Jno Grezart, J. Blackman. Wounded: Serg't H. B Brown, J A Boon, G C Poplin, A Grose, J. M Atwood, G D Halcomb; W M Carter, A S Hair, W Cook, J E Hutchins, A R Reese, R D Russell, D T Talley, W H Felts, L J Wells, W R Hains, John H Grose, C F Armstrong.

Company C, Capt Wilson, commanding.--Killed: Privates L Gurley, O M Warwick, J S Britt. --Wounded: Serg'ts J W Walker, G L. Doughtry, Corpl's W T Sutton. W A Andrews, Privates R. R Jackson, R Cobb, W MeLamb, J. B. Cotton, R B. Stith, W. Brewer, S. W Sutton, J S Sanderson, M. Vaughn, W B Harlington, W. H. Pope, J. H Warwick.

Company D. Capt Ashfort, commanding.--Killed: Lieut Jos W Darden. Wounded: Serg't O B Morrissey, Privates Jos Persithe, Robt Shipp, M. Lockkanny, W E Brewer, W H Stevens.

Company E, Capt McRae, commanding.--Killed: Lieut M T. Covington, Privates Jas. T Bostick, M. V. B Covington. Wounded: Serg't A G Dawkins, privates H. H McCaskill, E Kelly, J Benoist, N. T Baldwin, K. M. Covington, C Crouch, M Chappell, W C Mitchell.

Company F, Capt Yount, commanding — Wounded: Lts D. F. Roseman, J. Yount, A Deal, Corp'l N E Ligman, privates A Arwood, Jno D Hoke, John Hetrick, David Hoffman, Jacob Hoffman, (since dead.)

Company. G, Capt. Flowers.--Killed R A. Hines, J. S. McLain. Wounded: Sgt Heartness, J. W. Hartness, J. W. Linney, Corp'l C. J. Deal, T F Murdoch, D E Campbell, M M Clary, W. L W Ellis, J Q Elder, J Gamt, S. N. Hines, J. W. Lackey, J. Wealey Lackey, J C Lackey, R C Lackey, W L Lackey, D M Mathicon, A V Turner, D A Wilson, J R Muldock, Capt Flowers, Lt Harrington.

Company H. Capt Thornburgh.--Killed: N. H Crawford, A. M. Dorset, D N. Miller. Wounded: Serg't J L Andrews, Serg't T L Russell, Corp'l E T Kearns, A. C. Steed, T W Bell, A M Bell, P. W Garier, B. H Hopkins, James Howell, E. E Luck, Wm M Newby, A W Sanders, Jesse Scarlett, H. M. Tomliuson.

Company I, Capt Megness.--Killed D. D. Hamrick. Wounded J. Childers, (since dead,) R. D. Hughs, E Macswain, Lt Bean, Corp'l D W Powell, Corp'l T. B. Hean, P. Green, W C. Hannack. M. Haines, G C Kilchen, C B Powell, J. C. Williams, A G Wickins, Color-Serg't Jno Waters.

Company K, Capt McLaughlin.--No report of names. Killed 3, wounded 16.

E. Goldman, Act'g Adj't 38th N. G. T.

List of the casualties of the Jeff Davis Artillery Capt. J. W. Bondurant, Garland's Brigader in the battles of June 26th and 27th.

Killed: Corpl J C Gregary, Private T H McDonald, Slightly wounded: Sergts R. E Cobb, J F. Maull, Corpl E W Nobles, Privates J W Cox, J. J. Howell, J A Logall, J A Oliver, J. P Puteguat, R W Woodward, W. H. Templin. Severely wounded: J W Carter, J D Campbell, J M Jones, J R Smith, W P Clanghten. There were 28 horses of the battery killed and disabled.

D. V. Bates, Orderly sergt.

Casualties in the Thirteenth Virginia regiment, Elicy's brigade; June 27th.

Company A--Killed: Capt Cook, Corp Thomas Slaughter, Martin Burruss, Jos Burruss, Robt Burruss, Wm B Peake, Robert Powell, Ed Staples, Wounded: Sergt T Brockman, Reuben Newman, Herbert Newman, F D Hume, A Hensworth, Henry Diggs, W. T. Diggs, Jos. Brockman, S Cave, W. H. Richetis, J O Neal, A Walters.

Company B.--Killed: J P Haynes, J W Franklin. Wounded: Capt. C. T. Crittenden, Lt. J A Grinnell, Sergt B B Ashley, Sergt. W A Judd, Roane Alicock, --Beckham, G Kilby, Jno F Freeman, Martin Smith, J R Tapp, Thos. Kilby, Stephen Green J. J. Jones.

Company C.--Wounded: Capt Goodman. Lieut Grubbs (since dead.) Sergt. Maj. Wm Mansfield, C H Catter Jno Bible, O P Madbry, D Hay, Geo Maginder, R Moore.

Company D.--Killed Sgt R N Trico Jos Brown J. W Campball. Wounded. Lt S H Parsons Color Sergt Fendall Chiles, He Dine, Price Perains, Jas M Trico (alike dead,) P E. Jones, D A. Trico, Jos Sarpeni.

Company E.--Wounded: W. R. Pendleton, D. Newcomb.

Company H.--Killed: Lieut R B Strite H W. Orther Jas H Carter. Wounded: Capt Shear it Farns worth, E R Legg E S Russell.

Company I.--Filted Colur-Serg C. W Cheshire, Geo. Buckland. Wounded; Lieut. Morchead, D. S Hessey, Juel Robinson, Wm Loy, F. Shingleton.

Company B.--Killed: Lieut. P D. Sherrard, Owen Millerson, W. B Bird, John W. Washington. Thos Oferrull. Wounded Ord-serg J. A Hamuten, John F Wright, Thos Brooks, Jas Peer, Thos Pugh, issac Gibaon, Isaac Armstong, John Flory, Isaac Hartman, Jos Gill, Jos Mikeam.

Total Killed24
Total wounded80

Casualties in the Fourth North Carolina State troops June 27th, 1862, Bryan crimes, Colonel comd'g.

Company A.--Wounded: Privates R S Loyenly R M Osborne, M L Hall, Jacob Massey, Chas S. Harris.

Company B.--Killed: Private David C Brandon. Wounded: Privates Charles Anderson, Geo. W Mcniss, Adam Beaver, C a Walter.

Company C.--Killed: Privates Robt M Holmes, Robt O Hair. Wounded: Capt J H Andrews; Privates J. R. A Haril, T D Stephenson; W D Raymer, L A Ranels, E Barkley, e May, J N Brotherton, J C. Turner, H T Johnson.

Company D.--Killed: Private William Boyett.--Wounded: Privates H W Thompson, J B Lane, W J Roberts, R. W. Hugings.

Company F.--Wounded: Lieut Simmis; Sgt Fitzgerald.

Company G.--Killed: W H. Owen. Wounded. Sgt S L Sharke; Privates Jacob Wagner, p S Rose, Henry Turner, J H Whitlock.

Company H.--Killed: Gorp'l J P Maiden, privates G W Burton, j M Mize. Wounded: Corp'l J O Smith; privates Dn Ball, B C Diion, M F Walker, J G powell, A N Steel, J York, L Lamberts.

Company K.--Killed: Privates paul Barger, Geo Cauble, James Solemon. Wounded: Privates Alfred C Carter. Wm Morris, J F Thompson.

The regiment went into the battle with 130 effective men. Killed 8, wounded 16--Total 51.

Casualties in Company a; 5th battalion Alabama Volunteers, on the 28th and 29th June, 1862.

Killed: Lt D W. Hustid, Orderly Sergt J H Boyle Sergt. J. W. Wrenn; Sergt. E. L Houston, Corpl B. Branch, Corpl T Camber, privates F. Eard, W Steelerd of Hodges, J Bennyeasth, R. H Moon, J. J. Whittaker, J Tompkins. W Murphy. Wounded; Capt A S Vance Graalf, slightly in foot; Phivates J. T. Bradshaw, arm, L. L Glarry; J. B. Bradshaw, leg; W. G frost; N. Little, head, slight; B. B. Little, side, slight; Newton Hill head, slight; J. W. Holloway, Bead, slight; B. d. nance, leg; J Ormond; Jolin Patton: e T. Ramsey, arm amputated; S B Spight; W. W. Drummond; T. J Gilbert, head, slight; T Barnes; N L Fergason, severely; Alex Griger, foot; M S Hollan, through lower jaw, severaly; G N Boyd, slight; Wm S Hale, severaly in month; E. e. Hayden, leg and arms severely; J. T. Carpenter, three fingers shot off; C. Dunning; both hands. Missing: e L. Fargo, James Thompson, M. N O Connor. Total — Killed, 15; wounded, 24; misaing, 3. Total — Killed, wounded, and missing, 42.

The loss in the three other companies of the baltalion was very heavy. Among them are killed Adj't Holcombe; Capt Burton, co C; St Pettit, co. B. Wounded. Lt. Rusi, co C, severely; Lt Mattison, co B, slightly; Sergt Porter, co B, severaly.

List of casualties of the 16th regiment of Mississippi Volunteers, in the engagement of June 8th, 1862, at Cross Keys.

Col. Campt Posey, wounded.

Company A.--None killed or wounded.

Company B.--Mortally Wounded: Private R. H. Harper. Wounded: Private A B Caston.

Company C.--Killed: Private Andrew J Curry. Wounded: 1at Lieut W R Brown, 3d Serg't W H Catching.

Company d.--Killed: Corporal W. S Horner, Private Charles Quinn. Wounded: Private Henry Willows.

Company E.--Wounded: Privates Wm. Garner, J B May, A P. Sparkman, W Yarborough.

Company F.--Wounded: Privates James W. Lawless, Martin G Turner, William Thompson.

Company G.--Killed: Private Richard Payton. Wounded: 1st Lieut John B Coleman, Serg't Peter Stewart, Privates D B McIvor, John Mutchlen, Thos Lowry.

Company L--Killed: Private Thomas Cagon.--Wounded: Privates James Casey George Hetckock.

Company K.--Killed: Private Lewis Davis.--Wounded: Privates George Estis, R C Terry, Theo Foltz, Thomas, McMorris, Wm. Patterson, J L W Phares, T. W. Roland, Thos T. Roche.


List of casualties in the 16th regiment of Mississippi Volunteers, in the battle of June 27th, 1862, near Richmond.

Company A.--Killed: Captain James Brown. Wounded slightly: Color Sergeant J C Dick, privates N Hiller, John Long.

Company B.--Killed: Privates C H Robinson, D J Baren. Wounded slightly: Lt. H S Arnold, Lt P A Howard, Lt J R Drummond: Privates J A Barber, J F Massey. Wounded Severely: Private Enjah Young.

Company C.--Killed: Sgt Frank E Tillman, Private James A Fatheric. Wounded severely: Privates Mastins, M Minnus; slightly: Harry T Lewis.

Company D.--Killed: Privates John Cayney, Timothy Carney. Wounded severely: Corp'l G H McGregor, Privates Timothy Hannon, Albert Wagener; slightly: Sgt J P Ketteringham, Privates H R Hadsall, Geo Murdock, Henry Phipps.

Company E.--Killed: Private Joseph Collins.--Wounded severely: Lt John Holmes; slightly: Privates Geo Root, Geo Simmons.

Company F.--Killed: Privates Clement James; Thos J Overstreel, Wm W Bruce, Geo. W Keeton. Wounded severely: Capt J J Wanton, Privates W M Davis, Richard Irvine; slightly: Sgt Thomas L Smith, Private Wm J Downs, Private Juriah Menger, supposed to be mortally.

Company G.--Killed: Private H Bobo and James McLure. Wounded severely: Capt George H Fulkerson, private John Teriot. Wounded slightly: Privates Wm Murray, Abe Hunter, and Sergt Dennis Collins.

Company H.--Severely wounded: Serg't Baxter Summer, privates D O Summer, and Zach M Russell.

Company I.--Killed: Private Martin Murray.--Wounded severely: Privates Martin Welsh, H Dallon, F Gillion, Thomas Drury. Wounded slightly: Capt J. W. Lambert, Serg't Edward Pirault, Wm. Baker.

Company K.--Severely wounded: Serg't Solomon Dury, privates Darling Babers, J. T. Haynes. --Wounded slightly: Geo. Pliant, P. M. Stocket, and George Thomton.

Killed, 15; wounded, 49.

J. J. Shannon, Lt. Col.

Comd'ing 16th Miss. Regiment

List of Killed and wounded in 21st Mississippi regiment on the 30th.

Company A. Capt. Atwood.--Wounded: F. Home and A. B. Redding.

Company C. Capt. Brooks.--Wounded: Private V. Smith.

Company D. Capt. Sims--Killed: Serg't W. C. Smith, privates E. B. Binnie and H. Mackell, Wounded: Privates Jas. Downs, C Humphreys, J. Schuber, Sullivan, and Hemlet.

Company E. Capt. Stawps.--Killed: Privates Thos. Kirkland and J. Cline. Wounded: Lt. C. H. Cox, Privates H. Grace, N. Messenger, and Benjamin C. Collier.

Company F. Capt. Fitzgerald.--Killed: Privates John Walters and Robt Neal.

Company G, Capt. Dudicy.--Wounded: Serg't C. M. Stewart, Corp. N. B. Stewart, mortally, since dead: Private C M Stewart A. E. Williams, S. D. Williams, John Ransek, G, and F. Mitchell.

Company I. Captain Gibson.--Killed: A. W. Waggoner. Wounded: Lt. Martin, Privates J Corgan; W. R. Ratliff, E. P. Jones, Lynch, John Warmack, and — Ellis.

Company K. Capt. Renfrow.--Killed: Private J Shellon. Wounded: Lt. Foster, badly; privates R. Bottoms, J. Dausby, J. Noland, A. Miller, C. K. Martin and M. Tucker.

Company L. Capt. Green.--Killed: Private D. McHue. Wounded: Thos. Fostray.

R. G. Sims. 1st Lieut. and Adj't 21st Miss. Reg't.

List of the wounded in the Lynchburg Beauregard Artillery.

W. S Roid, G. A Boyd.--Johns, J. Stratton, A Stratton — Mayo, J D Stephens, --Green,--Folkes.

List of Killed and wounded in the 1st regiment of Rifles, South Carolina Volunteers, commanded by Col. J. Foster Marshall, at Galace's Mitt, 27th June.

Field and Staff.--Killed: Serg't Major All McGee. Wounded: Maj. J. W Livingston, slightly; Adj't Joe Berry Sloan, severely.

Company A.--Killed: Privates, Jasper. Crain, G B Stephens, W D Reeves, J M Clayton. Wounded: Lt J W. Philpot, mortally; Serg't W P Hester, severely, Privates J M Beasley, do; W A Lay, do; J. P. Durham, do; M collum, slightly; J J Morgan; severely J. D. Alberison, slightly; F Dowers, do; J B Raid, do; P b Powers, do; D M miel, severely; J herndon, do; a J Martin, slightly; R M Martin, do F Roggers, do; A J Bell, do; W P Riggids, do; C C Morgan, do; M A Martin, serverely.

Company B7#x2014;Killed: Privates W H Porrin, Lockwood, Webb, J G Illackburn, W. c. Round. Wounded: Lieut. W C Davis, Corpl W W Shero, Corpl W A Kylo, D A Bell, J H Delany, W H. Humilton, C V Hammond, W A Harcison, G Honser, W. A Lenier, P H MeDowell, J N Mcliwain. A P Riley, E C. Riley, T J Rikiard, W A Shelits, George White, L W White, J P McCom.

Company C.--Killed: Sergt. John Rogers, Privates Ira Barker, E D Slaton. M L Johson, Miles M. Calcavay, Joseph B. Pawell, C I A. Whitten. Wounded: Capt. J J Roten, Private Nimfod Sullivan, F Hall, Jeme M Hall, John Thomal, Wm. Rogde, Isaac Hobba, Ferril Spied, Sergt. Jame Robine, A Colly, J W. Camernn, Ira Nichicken, W. N. Ransons, E Vonholdein, H Huskamp.

Company D.--Killed: Sergt. W. R. Butrougn, Privates T. C Hurs, T D Braddy, Died Young, Wounded: Capt. F. E. B Sergt. J. R. Sadier; Privates G O. anderson, John a Bates, L C Braddy, A d. Camphell, H B Grant El Hall, J R Haynie, M T Lawis, B S Mitchel, J, W. McLees, J. D. McConnell W P Robbinson G W Richardson, W. L. Sunpson, J F. Strickland, Jesse B Weelbright, S J Webb, Warsen Wedkins, S. K. Ygargon, J H Goodram, A C Beatte, P J Osborn.

Company E.--Killed: Lieut. L R McFall, Sergt Miles Knoz, David A Ross, John W Mergan, Warren D Mergan, Wm. R William, James R Deatnam, Andrew S HunMcuti, Warren R Bunnon, Th Ghaslian, Wounded: Sergt. C C NcKenny, Nuthan B Robertson, John C Mooly, David S Todd, Robt C King. Wm. B Hepkine. Thos J Stribling, John M George; Menry hartman, Wm H Gibson, David C Bankin, Jeseph Gibson, John L Morgan, Francis McCleveland, John C Knox, John M Rankin, FJames Stone, James Jarkson, Jas H. Johnston, Harmon Stillwood, David L Beroy, W. J. H. Leroy, S N Wihic Fall; Wm. F Morgan.

Company F.--Killed: Capt. Hawthorn, Privates J J Henderson, James Lyles; and G. T. M Drown.--Wounded: Serg'ts Armstrong; Miltes, and Ballenger. Privates Thos Reeden, Thos Price, H N Harrum, W. T Beardin, H H Haghes R B Mayse, J. Dickson, Henry Daunders, Chas Mason, Wm Maldin, W T Abbot, T R Morris.

Company G.7#x2014;Killed: Corpl A P Lindsay, Privates L A Calahan, J L Grier, R P Cunningham, J A Davis, L Fields, W P Morrison, E W Pruit, G B Richey, Wm H Simpson, Jos. Smith, F Clinkscales. L O Rid. Wounded: Capt G McD Miller, Lieut. Latimer, Serg't Means, Serg't R W Hadden, Corp J A Burton, privates W D Anderson, C A Botts, L D Bowie, Wm. Boyd, A P Brooks, T W Brocks, A W Brock, W J Calvert, W T Cowen, M Flin, M Freeman, B T Parsavay, T S Gordon, A G Johnson, J F Latimer, J L Latimer, W T Lufitner, E J Humphries, J G Martin, J H Mallison, C W Milford, B M Milford, A H McGec; J M Pruit, R A Robertson, J W Thomson.

Company H.--Killed: Capt. J h Hungin, Lt J C Brown, Copl S A McCormies, Corpi N leggit, Corpl R P. James. Wounded: Lt G W Mocey, privates J B Moody, L Wiggins, G W Peaboddy, A H Hynes; H Finkly, P T Saunders, A G Walter, N H Mcinus, Serg't N Smith, J F Ealliorling.

Company K,--Killed: R. A. Branyan, George Graymest R M Slatt, J C Telford, W A Bambrell J J T Machel, J W C Mitchel, Robin Keaton, Wm McMury, T M Morrison, R. C Kay, Corp Wiliam Williamson, J H Hanks, Jesse Devenport.Wounded: Capt G W Cox, Lt W C Norris, W A Bigby, W A Bagwell, G W. Bagwell, J B Alexander, L R Williams, J M Duninp, W F Cox, W M Folks, D L Telimd, Perry Geins, L P Man.

Company I.--Privates, Asron Mitchel, Jas C Young, J A Hofoway, C C Baras, R L Carler M Gentree, E T. Chambler. Wounded: Corp. C D Rowland, Corp W S Harris, Corp D F son; Privates R S Kay, J m Watson, L W White, J O Hammett, L G Williams, J W Wowler, J M Fowler, G W Vandiver, J L Vandiver, L P Woodruff, W T Simmens, A Y Shearly, Albert Johnson, D C Stott, J M Geer, Israel Nelson, R F Srown, W I. Shearer, C C Bolt.

List of casualties in the Third Alabama regiment, July 16th, 1862.

Sergt.-Major C Whitman, wounded.

Company A, (Mobile Cadets.)--Killed: P L Lockwood, F J. Stewart, W M Caultield; W J Ledyard; jr. Wounded: lieut. W H Averill, Lieut B F. Yuisestra Lieut J M Redwood, Sergt. J H Hastings. Corp J B Gilloit, T B Allen, Betijohn, Baldwin, C Caster, C Dunn, J T Harpin, W. B Holt, It L Keebbs, E Ledyard, J Newburger, J Price, H Fritchard, Chas Pollard, J G Renolds, P C Raudel, Jos Thorntou, E K Waterhouse, D Wheeler, jr.

Company B, (Gulf Gily Guards.) Killed: W C Ayres, D J J. T Berton, G. L Summersett, Thos Giblin. Wounded: O U Donnayau Jas Hudson, G E Turner, T H J Bibb, F F Hampshird, T H Nellogg, W C Johnson, H H McCov, W E Summersett, Lieut A E Robbins, C Steele.

Company C, (Tuskegee Light Inlantry.)--Killed: H H Bally, Jno Crawford, E F Scott, Jno M Turner. Wounded: J Alexander, B Breedlove, Captain C J Bryan, Lieut E A Etherhige, Corpl D F Wright, W B Holt, Jno R Hartis, Otis Monace, R B Perce, Watter Ransom, J J Rulledge, E B Small, Jas Suider. Missing Sorgeant E F Baber, Henry Foster, Stephen Pace.

Company D, (Southern Rilles,)--Killed: T J Mc. Bryde, L B Feibler, R M-McNeil, J M Gillis — Wounded: C C Terry, Capt Powell, Thad McCowan, Joe Rowe, P G Thompson, S H Smith, W Swink, A S Connel, G C Baker, T J Bagby. Missing: C Rosenthiel.

Company E. (Washington Light Infantry.)--Killed: J S Foley, Leo Goldsmith, g F Bowers. Wounded. Sergt J C Turner, Corpl M Boullemef, A W Foster, J Y Gilmore J. C Lesy, T J McLangidin, Capt J W Chester, Sergt Stephenson, Corpl J M Coleman,--Bridges, Jno Burton, W Hamaling. T A McDonald, W Shearer, Geo Taggerl, C F Westfell, Missing: T W Cocks. W G Cocke, E McVoy.

Company F, (Metropolitan Guards.)--Killed, Chas Powell. Wounded: Sgt H Myer, privates Cahon Toomer, Bergen, Arrington, Bonham, Durden, Hausman, Henley, Lorre, Keating, McDaniel, Pringle. Missing: Privates Cohn, Dreyfox.

Company G, (Sharpshooters.)--Willed: None — Wounded: N M Cowling, J Stubbs, P Giduce, A Sodler.

Company H. Cownder Beanregards.--Killed: Sgt. Reese, Sgt. Shelby; Brivittes Myley. Wounded. Corpl Dunklin; Privates J Stanley. S Farris, Sharp, Sharp, Stone, W Stanley, W H Turner. Missing privates Pierce, W H Alexander, W Alexander, B H Dudley, Lerer, Broadiway, Scofield.

Co. I, (Wetumpka Light Guards.)--Killed: Color Sgt W M Due, Privates W E Lindsey. H C Tommy. Wounded: Lt L H Hill; Privates J E Carter, C K McMorris, B J Goss, W A Bensoo, L A Calla. Way, J R King, G A Jones, W Jefter, W M Teague, J. Skinner. D Price, G A Ready, Sgt J A Davis.--Missing: Privates Ben Bross, J O Banksion, J A Dison, Wm Loyd, John Lynch, Chas Law, J N Norwood, H J Norris. N A Rawis, J J Stoker.

Co. K, (Mobile Rifles.)--Killed: Corp'l Wm. Lieut. Wounded: Sgt. Traylor, Corp'l McGuire, Privates Buford, Jones. Keeler, Closeby ), Moseby 69, Innerarity, Clark, Young. Hunter, Howard.

Co. L. (Dixie Eagles.)--Killed: Privates J A Pipkins, W J Keener, G Hutson. Wounded: Lt Kennon, Sgt Martin; Privates C Delbridge, M W Dick, G Oliver, McKennon, Young, Patterson, Coggins, Greenwood. Missing: Privates Owens, Tillery.

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Corpl (13)
Henry Turner (7)
C. H. Cox (6)
James Brown (6)
William Thompson (5)
T. J. Mitchell (5)
C. K. Martin (5)
J. Wealey Lackey (5)
Carter (5)
Russell (4)
Juel Robinson (4)
Robert Powell (4)
Morgan (4)
J. L. Kidd (4)
W. H. Jones (4)
Aleck Johnson (4)
Payne Jno (4)
Walker Geo (4)
Jackson Ellis (4)
Alexander (4)
S. D. Williams (3)
George White (3)
Webb (3)
Warren (3)
Martin Smith (3)
Joseph Smith (3)
Privates Robt (3)
W. J. Robertson (3)
Thos Price (3)
Wm Morris (3)
Asron Mitchel (3)
Latimer (3)
Orther Jas (3)
Clement James (3)
J. Hall (3)
P. Green (3)
Jeseph Gibson (3)
Henry Foster (3)
Lewis Davis (3)
Jno Crawford (3)
Cook (3)
Campbell Jos Campbell (3)
Jno Burton (3)
Thos Brooks (3)
Bell (3)
James Armstrong (3)
J. Yount (2)
Wright (2)
J. G. Woodson (2)
Warwick (2)
John Stewart Walker (2)
Vandiver (2)
Yates Thos (2)
Sgt Thomas (2)
Terry (2)
Tensil (2)
Sutton (2)
Nimfod Sullivan (2)
FJames Stone (2)
Stephenson (2)
Stephens (2)
Stanley (2)
Ord-Serg H. Smith (2)
John Smith (2)
R. G. Sims (2)
Simpson (2)
I. Shearer (2)
Serg (2)
Herod Scott (2)
Joseph Rowland (2)
Roberts (2)
C. Riley (2)
Richardson (2)
Reese (2)
Charles Quinn (2)
Pruit (2)
Chas Powell (2)
Calvin Pierce (2)
William Patterson (2)
John Owens (2)
Norris (2)
Robt Neal (2)
Wm Murray (2)
Morrison (2)
Lt Moore (2)
McMorris (2)
Jacob Massey (2)
Sgt Martin (2)
Lockwood (2)
Ledyard (2)
King (2)
Kelly (2)
Kay (2)
Jos (2)
Wesley Jones (2)
E. P. Jones (2)
Albert Johnson (2)
Kamly John (2)
Jennings (2)
Abe Hunter (2)
J. Huckstep (2)
Holt (2)
Hoke (2)
Hill (2)
J. T. Haynes (2)
Chas S. Harris (2)
Sgt Lee Gilmore (2)
Jos Gill (2)
Freeman (2)
Franklin (2)
Flowers (2)
Sgt Fitzgerald (2)
J. Edwards (2)
W. W. Drummond (2)
James Downs (2)
Dick (2)
John Delbridge (2)
T. Covington (2)
Coleman (2)
Howell Cobb (2)
Bryan (2)
Trico Jos Brown (2)
Joseph Brockman (2)
W. Brewer (2)
Braddy (2)
William Boyd (2)
Ira Barker (2)
Baldwin (2)
William Baker (2)
Atwood (2)
Andrews (2)
Andrew (2)
Charles Anderson (2)
Zach (1)
Enjah Young (1)
York (1)
S. K. Ygargon (1)
Ord-Serg Yates (1)
Yarborough (1)
J. W. Wrenn (1)
W. C. Woud (1)
Woodward (1)
Woodruff (1)
Ben Wood (1)
Blair Wm (1)
W. Sidney Wilson (1)
Henry Willows (1)
Willis (1)
Wiliam Williamson (1)
Stewart A. E. Williams (1)
J. C. Williams (1)
Andison Williams (1)
Robert E. Willcox (1)
H. J. Wilburn (1)
Wiggins (1)
A. Whitten (1)
J. J. Whittaker (1)
Whitman (1)
Whitlock (1)
H. White (1)
W. Wheeling (1)
Wheeler (1)
Martin Welsh (1)
Wells (1)
Jno Watts (1)
Watson (1)
Waterhouse (1)
John W. Washington (1)
John Warmack (1)
Chas Walton (1)
John Walters (1)
Jacob Wagner (1)
A. W. Waggoner (1)
Wagener (1)
Waddell (1)
M. Vaughn (1)
C. Turner (1)
M. Tucker (1)
A. Trico (1)
Traylor (1)
Cahon Toomer (1)
Tompkins (1)
Japanese Tommy (1)
H. M. Tomliuson (1)
Todd (1)
Louney Timothy (1)
Tillman (1)
Tillery (1)
Jos Thorntou (1)
Thornhill (1)
Thornburgh (1)
George Thomton (1)
Thomson (1)
John Thomal (1)
Lt Jz Terrell (1)
John Teriot (1)
W. H. Templin (1)
Telford (1)
Teague (1)
D. Tatum (1)
Tapp (1)
Talley (1)
Geo Taggerl (1)
Symington (1)
Swink (1)
W. L. Sunpson (1)
Jas Suider (1)
Stubbs (1)
F. Strickland (1)
Stribling (1)
J. Stratton (1)
Stott (1)
Jas Stokes (1)
Stoker (1)
P. M. Stocket (1)
B. Stith (1)
H. Stinnett (1)
Harmon Stillwood (1)
Peter Stewart (1)
N. B. Stewart (1)
J. Stewart (1)
C. M. Stewart (1)
Stevens (1)
Steele (1)
A. C. Steed (1)
Stawps (1)
Ed Staples (1)
Spight (1)
P. Sparkman (1)
James Solemon (1)
W. C. Smith (1)
V. Smith (1)
Joe Berry Sloan (1)
Thomas Slaughter (1)
Slaton (1)
J. Skinner (1)
Simmons (1)
Simmis (1)
John Shotwell (1)
Robt Shipp (1)
F. Shingleton (1)
D. Sherrard (1)
Sgt Shepherd (1)
Shelby (1)
Shear (1)
Shannon (1)
Sergt (1)
Scruggs (1)
Scofield (1)
J. Schuber (1)
Jesse Scarlett (1)
Scanlan (1)
J. Saundors (1)
Saunders (1)
Jos Sarpeni (1)
Sandridge (1)
Sanderson (1)
Sanders (1)
Green Sanderford (1)
J. R. Sadier (1)
Rusi (1)
Joe Rowe (1)
Lts D. F. Roseman (1)
Geo Root (1)
T. W. Roland (1)
John Rogers (1)
William Rogde (1)
George Rodeniser (1)
Thos T. Roche (1)
Jame Robine (1)
Robbins (1)
Sgt Ro (1)
Richey (1)
W. H. Richetis (1)
Renfrow (1)
Reeves (1)
Thos Reeden (1)
Redwood (1)
A. B. Redding (1)
J. H. Rea (1)
W. R. Ratliff (1)
W. N. Ransons (1)
Watter Ransom (1)
John Ransek (1)
Rankin (1)
T. Ramsey (1)
John Pully (1)
Thos Pugh (1)
J. Harwell Privates (1)
Pritchett (1)
Pringle (1)
Campt Posey (1)
Porter (1)
Poplin (1)
W. H. Pope (1)
Chas Pollard (1)
M. Plunket (1)
George Pliant (1)
Edward Pirault (1)
Baldy Pierce (1)
Henry Phipps (1)
W. Philpot (1)
Phares (1)
St Pettit (1)
Jos Persithe (1)
Henry Perry (1)
Perce (1)
Price Perains (1)
W. R. Pendleton (1)
Pearson (1)
Mercelins Pearce (1)
Peake (1)
Richard Payton (1)
Joseph B. Pawell (1)
Jolin Patton (1)
Parsons (1)
Parrish (1)
W. H. Pace (1)
H. Owen (1)
Privates Oscar (1)
Osborne (1)
Osborn (1)
Ormond (1)
Oliver (1)
Thos Oferrull (1)
O'Brien (1)
Norwood (1)
J. Noland (1)
Nimmo (1)
Ira Nichicken (1)
Reuben Newman (1)
Herbert Newman (1)
D. Newcomb (1)
Newby (1)
Israel Nelson (1)
James Napier (1)
Myer (1)
John Mutchlen (1)
Martin Murray (1)
Murphy (1)
Geo Murdock (1)
Murdoch (1)
Moseby (1)
Morrissey (1)
Morchead (1)
Moody (1)
Lewis Monroe (1)
L. A. Monroe (1)
Jas Monroe (1)
Otis Monace (1)
Mize (1)
F. Mitchell (1)
Minnus (1)
Owen Millerson (1)
N. Miller (1)
McD Miller (1)
A. Miller (1)
Milford (1)
Jos Mikeam (1)
Lewis Meyers (1)
N. Messenger (1)
Juriah Menger (1)
Megness (1)
McVoy (1)
McRae (1)
James McLure (1)
W. McLees (1)
McLaughlin (1)
J. S. McLain (1)
McKennon (1)
McIvor (1)
D. McHue (1)
McGuire (1)
McGregor (1)
T. McGinnis (1)
McGee (1)
McFall (1)
McDonald (1)
McDaniel (1)
Thad McCowan (1)
J. D. McConnell (1)
Francis McCleveland (1)
McCaskill (1)
Mayse (1)
T. P. Mays (1)
Mayo (1)
Geo May (1)
F. Maull (1)
Lt Mattison (1)
Mastins (1)
Massingale (1)
Chas Mason (1)
J. Foster Marshall (1)
Wm Mansfield (1)
Wesley Mannel (1)
William Mann (1)
Mallison (1)
Geo Maginder (1)
Madison (1)
H. Mackell (1)
Lt Lyon (1)
John Lynch (1)
Barny Lynch (1)
James Lyles (1)
Wm Loyd (1)
Perry Loyd (1)
Thos Lowry (1)
Lovenstein (1)
Lorre (1)
M. Lockkanny (1)
Livingston (1)
N. Little (1)
B. B. Little (1)
J. W. Linney (1)
Lindsey (1)
Lindsay (1)
F. Yuisestra Lieut (1)
Lewis (1)
Lewellen (1)
W. J. H. Leroy (1)
Legg (1)
Sydney S. Lee (1)
James W. Lawless (1)
Lavender (1)
Lankford (1)
Lane (1)
Landrum (1)
J. W. Lambert (1)
Miles Knoz (1)
Knox (1)
Thomas Kirkland (1)
Thomas Kilby (1)
Lt Kennon (1)
Keeton (1)
Keeler (1)
Keaton (1)
Keating (1)
Kearns (1)
Green J. J. Jones (1)
E. Jones (1)
Joiner (1)
Jas H. Johnston (1)
Johns (1)
Howdy Jas (1)
James Jarkson (1)
P. James (1)
Costello James (1)
W. C. Jackson (1)
Richard Irvine (1)
Hynes (1)
Hutson (1)
Hutchins (1)
W. Hustid (1)
Humphries (1)
Humphreys (1)
H. Humilton (1)
Hume (1)
R. W. Hugings (1)
R. D. Hughs (1)
Donnayau Jas Hudson (1)
James Howell (1)
J. J. Howell (1)
Howard (1)
Houston (1)
Horner (1)
Hopkins (1)
F. Home (1)
William H. Holmes (1)
Lt John Holmes (1)
J. W. Holloway (1)
Holcombe (1)
Jacob Hoffman (1)
David Hoffman (1)
Hodges (1)
Hodge (1)
Isaac Hobba (1)
G. G. Hite (1)
S. N. Hines (1)
A. Hines (1)
Hiller (1)
Augustus Hicks (1)
John Hetrick (1)
James Casey George Hetckock (1)
Hester (1)
Hessey (1)
Ro Herndon (1)
Henley (1)
Henderson (1)
Sgt Heartness (1)
T. B. Hean (1)
Haynie (1)
Hayden (1)
Hay (1)
Hawthorn (1)
Hawkins (1)
Hausman (1)
Hastings (1)
Sergt J. W. Hartsfield (1)
J. W. Hartness (1)
Isaac Hartman (1)
Lt Harrington (1)
R. H. Harper (1)
Harland (1)
Timothy Hannon (1)
C. Hannack (1)
Hanks (1)
Killed D. D. Hamrick (1)
Hammond (1)
Hammett (1)
Hamilton (1)
Hale (1)
Halcomb (1)
Hains (1)
M. Haines (1)
Hadden (1)
Gurley (1)
Grubbs (1)
Grose (1)
Alex Griger (1)
Grier (1)
Jno Grezart (1)
Greenwood (1)
George Graymest (1)
Wm Grant (1)
James H. Grady (1)
H. Grace (1)
Goss (1)
Gordon (1)
Goodman (1)
Gooding (1)
Leo Goldsmith (1)
E. Goldman (1)
Gillis (1)
Gillion (1)
Wm Giles (1)
Gilbert (1)
Thos Giblin (1)
Heartly George (1)
Perry Geins (1)
Geer (1)
Garth (1)
Garnett (1)
William Garner (1)
Garland (1)
Fulkerson (1)
Jacob Frazier (1)
Sgt Frank (1)
Fowler (1)
Thomas Fostray (1)
Commondore Foote (1)
Theo Foltz (1)
Folkes (1)
Foley (1)
Fogg (1)
John Flory (1)
R. M. Fitzpatrick (1)
Henry Fisher (1)
Farris (1)
Farrar (1)
L. Fargo (1)
George Estis (1)
Estes (1)
Elicy (1)
Early (1)
F. Eard (1)
Solomon Dury (1)
Jas Durret (1)
J. P. Durham (1)
Durden (1)
C. Dunning (1)
Dunn (1)
Corpl Dunklin (1)
Duncan (1)
Dudley (1)
Dudicy (1)
Thomas Drury (1)
L. Doughtry (1)
A. M. Dorset (1)
W. T. Diggs (1)
Henry Diggs (1)
J. Dickson (1)
Jesse Devenport (1)
Levi Dempsay (1)
Delany (1)
William H. Dean (1)
C. J. Deal (1)
Nicholas Dawson (1)
Dawkins (1)
John Davidson (1)
Masterson David (1)
J. Dausby (1)
Henry Daunders (1)
Darden (1)
Cutter (1)
Curry (1)
Cunningham (1)
Crouch (1)
C. T. Crittenden (1)
Sgt P. Craven (1)
Crain (1)
Cowling (1)
Cowen (1)
Cowels (1)
K. M. Covington (1)
J. B. Cotton (1)
Ord-Serg Cooper (1)
Connor (1)
Connel (1)
Joseph Collins (1)
Dennis Collins (1)
Benjamin C. Collier (1)
Cohn (1)
Coggins (1)
William Archer Cocke (1)
Closeby (1)
Clinkscales (1)
J. Cline (1)
Young B. Clifton (1)
Clayton (1)
Clary (1)
Clark (1)
Fendall Chiles (1)
J. Childers (1)
Chester (1)
Cheshire (1)
Chappell (1)
T. Chambler (1)
John Cayney (1)
Cave (1)
Geo Cauble (1)
Caston (1)
Jos Carr (1)
J. T. Carpenter (1)
Carney (1)
Camphell (1)
T. H. Campbell (1)
W. Camernn (1)
Calvert (1)
Miles M. Calcavay (1)
Thomas Cagon (1)
W. R. Butrougn (1)
Robt Burruss (1)
Martin Burruss (1)
Jos Burruss (1)
Burford (1)
Buford (1)
George Buckland (1)
Bruce (1)
Lewis Browning (1)
Brotherton (1)
Ben Bross (1)
Brocks (1)
Brock (1)
Britt (1)
Breedlove (1)
R. A. Branyan (1)
Brandon (1)
Corpl B. Branch (1)
Braithwaite (1)
Phivates J. T. Bradshaw (1)
J. B. Bradshaw (1)
Boyle (1)
William Boyett (1)
Bowles (1)
Bowie (1)
Bowers (1)
R. Bottoms (1)
Bostick (1)
Bonham (1)
J. W. Bondurant (1)
Bond (1)
J. J. Bolling (1)
Bobo (1)
J. E. Blair (1)
J. Blackman (1)
Blackard (1)
Bird (1)
E. B. Binnie (1)
Bibb (1)
Berton (1)
Bergen (1)
Jas Belvin (1)
Elijah Belvin (1)
Beckham (1)
Adam Beaver (1)
Beatte (1)
Beasley (1)
Beardin (1)
Lt Bean (1)
Baylor (1)
D. V. Bates (1)
Thomas J. Barnett (1)
Barnes (1)
Barkley (1)
Barger (1)
Banks (1)
Bally (1)
Ballenger (1)
Dn Ball (1)
H. Baker (1)
W. Bagwell (1)
Bagby (1)
Darling Babers (1)
Baber (1)
Ayres (1)
Ayler (1)
Averill (1)
Ashley (1)
Ashfort (1)
Arrington (1)
Arnold (1)
Isaac Armstong (1)
Ord Serg Apperson (1)
Almond (1)
Alley (1)
Allen (1)
Roane Alicock (1)
Privates Alfred (1)
Albert (1)
J. D. Alberison (1)
M. L. Abel (1)
Abbot (1)
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