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Φίλαινοι). Two Carthaginian brothers, of whom the following story is told. A contest had arisen between the Carthaginians and Cyreneans respecting the point where their respective territories met, and this was the more difficult to be determined, since the country on the borders of the two States was a sandy desert, and without anything that might serve as a common landmark. It was agreed at last that two individuals should set out at the same time from Carthage and Cyrené respectively, and that the spot where they might meet should be regarded as the common boundary of the two communities. The parties accordingly set out, the two Philaeni having been selected by the Carthaginians for this purpose; but the two Cyreneans travelled more slowly than their Carthaginian antagonists, and only met the Philaeni after the latter had advanced a considerable distance into the disputed territory. The Cyreneans thereupon accused the Philaeni of unfairness, and of having started before the appointed time. The Philaeni, on their part, offered to do anything to show that they had acted fairly, and the two Cyreneans then gave them their choice, either to be buried alive on the spot where they were standing, or else to allow them (the Cyreneans) to advance as far as they pleased into the disputed territory, and there be buried alive on their part. The Philaeni accepted the former part of the offer, and were accordingly entombed. The Carthaginians erected two altars on the spot, which were thenceforth regarded as the limits of their territory in this direction (Sall. Iug. 19, 79; cf. Strabo, pp. 171, 836). These altars stood in the innermost bend of the Syrtis Maior, and not, as Sallust erroneously states, to the west of both the Syrtes. The story of the Philaeni, moreover, as given by the Roman historian, seems to wear a doubtful appearance, from the circumstance of Cyrené's being so much nearer the point in question than Carthage.

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