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SCIROPHO´RIA (Σκιροφόρια), a festival celebrated at Athens on the 12th of Skirophorion, at which the priestess of Athena and the priests of Poseidon and Helios, overshadowed by a large white umbrella, proceeded from the Acropolis to a place called Skiron. According to some, the solemnity was performed in honour of Athena; according to others, of Demeter and Kore. The umbrella was the symbol of the protection of the Attic soil against the scorching heat of the sun, and was carried by the priest of Erechtheus or a member of the family of the Eteobutadae. (Schol. ad Aristoph. Eccl. 18; Harpocrat. pp. 168 and 270; Paus. 1.36.3; Suid. s. v. Διὸς κώδιον; Clemens Alex. Protrept. p. 11: cf. A. Mommsena, Heortol. p. 440 fol.)


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