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SELI´NUS (Σελινοῦς)


A village in the north of Laconia, described by Pausanias as 20 stadia from Geronthrae; but as Pausanias seems not to have visited this part of Laconia, the distances may not be correct. Leake, therefore, places Selinus at the village of Kosmas, which lies further north of Geronthrae than 20 stadia, but where there are remains of ancient tombs. (Paus. 3.22.8; Leake, Peloponnesiaca, p. 363; Boblaye, Recherches, &c. p. 97; Curtius, Peloponnesos, vol. ii. p. 304.)


A river in the Triphylian Elis, near Scillus. [SCILLUS]


A river in Achaia. [ACHAIA p. 13b. No. 6.]

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