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1302. The word on which the possessive genitive depends may be represented by the article: ἀπὸ τῆς ἑαυτῶν from their own country (γῆς) T. 1.15 (cp. 1027 b). A word for dwelling (οἰκία_, δόμος, and also ἱερόν) is perhaps omitted after ἐν, εἰς, and sometimes after ἐξ. Thus, ““ἐν Ἀρίφρονοςat Ariphron'sP. Pr. 320a, ἐν Διονύ_σου (scil. ἱερῷ) at the shrine of Dionysus D. 5.7, ““εἰς διδασκάλου φοιτᾶνto go to schoolX. C. 2.3.9, ““ἐκ Πατροκλέους ἔρχομαιI come from Patroclus'sAr. Plut. 84. So, in Homer, εἰνεἰς) Ἀίδα_ο.

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