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1961. With εἰμί.—The present and perfect participle are freely used with the forms of εἰμί to form a periphrasis, especially when the participle has an adjectival character (1857): ἡγεῖ διαφθειρομένους τινὰς εἶναι; do you think that some are being ruined? P. R. 492a, ““αἱ τέχναι διεφθαρμέναι ἔσονταιthe arts will be ruinedX. C. 7.2.13, ““ἦν τοῦτο συμφέρονthis was advantageousAnt. 5.18; θέλουσα is stronger than θέλῃ, S. O. T. 580.

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