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2119. ὤν may be omitted with verbs taking a supplementary participle; so with verbs meaning to perceive (2111 ff.), know, show, announce, find, discover, etc.; especially with φαίνομαι, τυγχάνω (poet. κυρῶ), διατελῶ, διαγίγνομαι, rarely with περιορῶ and συμβαίνω. Thus, ὁρῶ μέγαν (ὄντα) ““τὸν ἀγῶναI see that the contest is importantT. 2.45, ἂ_ν ἐν Χερρονήσῳ πύθησθε Φίλιππον (ὄντα) if you learn that Philip is in Chersonesus D. 4.41, εὶ ψευδὴς φαίνοιτο (ὤν) ““ Λωβρύα_ςif Gobryas seem to be falseX. C. 5.2.4, εἴ τις εὔνους (ὤν) ““τυγχάνειif any one happens to be friendlyAr. Eccl. 1141, ἀχίτων (ὤν) ““διατελεῖςyou are continually without a tunicX. M. 1.6.2.

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